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Thread: Cultural architecture and decorations from specific cities

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    Cultural architecture and decorations from specific cities

    There are a number of us who play and live in New Orleans. We would love to be able to decorate parts of our town like this amazing city that we all love and are passionate about.

    Shotgun houses
    French architecture
    Swampy decorations
    Cypress trees
    Fishing shacks
    Historic paddle boats
    Musical topiaries and statues

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    Whilst I love the idea..can you imagine what a nightmare it would be for the devs.
    They would have to do it fir everyone to fit their own city/town.
    So whilst it’s a lovely idea, it doesn’t seem feasible.

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    Playrix can still put it into consideration, when creating a new category or more items in an existing category, like trees.
    I think there might be understanding problems, though, with "what does French architecture mean precisely" or "musical statues", when they're not in the mood (or don't have time) to do a big research on such ideas.

    Plus, it is of course possible that they cringe at the thought of the next wishes, afterwards, when ppl are *demanding* stuff saying: you did it for THEM, why not for us and OUR town?!
    we have seen it with the flags.......
    and their only rescue re famous buildings is that Unesco list.

    so, I have my doubts also, but it's a nice wish, didn't happen soooo often so far, if at all, and is good that it has been mentioned. As Playrix probably won't read here much anymore, as the forum will be closed, I'd recommend to send it as feedback/wish ingame.
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