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Thread: worse customer service ever !

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    worse customer service ever !


    I sent so many messages ( technical problems) to your customer service to fix but every time they answered:" due to COVID-19 we have a limited team", what Covid-19 has to do with you! you are tech people you can always work from home!
    you have a nice game and it's really engaging but if you don't listen to people complaints and suggestions how on earth are you going to make improvements!
    please make it easier for players to give you feedback or out of frustration some will decide to play other games

    Thank you

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    I am NOT a fan of TS So called "Help and Support" My Complaints are mostly b4 the horrible pandemic but I definitely see where you are coming from! I've Lost Expansions, Decorations and Etc! They are hardly any nice professional people! The addition of Townbot Makes the waiting worse! I cringe every time I have a problem knowing what I will deal with! They have no compassion or anything near quick! I have worked in customer service for different places so I know what they are supposed to do however they don't do it! I hate being given the runaround and they can be Proffessionls at that! I could go on & on & on! I won't though. I just wanted to let you know that it's just you & they are horrible!

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