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Thread: Way to thank players outside of coop for continued help

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    Way to thank players outside of coop for continued help

    Hi I would love a way to say thankyou to a player who is outside of our coop, but who is in there own but continually helps me out. Just giving a gift is fine for the players who help out now and again but seems a little bit sad for a player who you really value and is in your friends but that you cannot ty more personally. So maybe a special friend gift, or most valued helper gift or even a way just to send them a message saying thankyou would be a great idea, and would be a great way to promote friendship within the game.

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    If you are friends with them you can use a Co-op invite to communicate. Just change the message and remind them to delete so you can continue the conversation
    Thank you, Gary
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    They do let us do that as part of the February Valentine themed month
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