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Thread: relay tasks not appearing

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    relay tasks not appearing

    We've been having problems getting relay tasks this week. So far, we've got one lousy train relay. A couple of long ones popped up in the beginning. We could only get 2 relays max at one time (I'm not sure if this is the standard number). Can anyone advise what to do? We are dumping and dumping but there are no relays

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    We have not seen any at all!!

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    We have no relays, hardly any 135 either.

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    No relays for us but then as far as I'm aware relays don't always show up every week. As for 135s all my 13 tasks were easy 135s lots of lucky dip tasks giving quick smelting or mining tasks. Still got some 135s on the board for the rest of the coop if they want them. Luck and patience as always

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    We started a new Regatta Season this week (Tuesday, June 2 in my time zone) and we do not have relays this season. They are a seasonal task only.

    This season we have mystery tasks instead, plus plane crates and ingot smelting.

    Among the seasonal tasks, Relays, Mystery, Combo, and Simplified tasks have been following a regular rotation. Unless they decide to change that pattern, we won't see relays again for two more seasons after this one, so 14 weeks and a few days til the next season with relays.

    Wiki info on Regatta Seasons:
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    Thanks everyone, but check the date when replying. It was previous season (Age of Kings) running in May ( not current Wild West) with seasonal relay tasks and those were not appearing on the board. I had hoped someone would have know what to do or where to report this. It's over now so who cares..

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