Relay tasks are great and our team (most of our team) work really hard to prepare for them. We do not reserve relay tasks because as soon as a coop member has it prepared or near prepared, they can select it and it is a quick completion. We use the message board to keep status on who is next in line. The frustrating part is when a member takes it without reading the message board and not considering how hard we all are working for it. They then sit on it while they are growing, manufacturing or sending ships out to complete. This could take anywhere from a few hours to more than 24 hours. I wish that the Leader or Co-Leader had the ability to kick the member off the relay task so that other members can complete it much more quickly. Maybe penalize the inconsiderate member with an unfinished task. It is very frustrating and to the point that we have kicked members out of the coop after having done this more than once to the rest of the team.