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Thread: Bubble Gum Event issue: ticket balance

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    Thief15, I was talking about the balance of the tickets, not any other part of the game.
    Before replying, it might be a good idea to read the thread and not just one page. Nothing in this event has to be upgraded.
    As I said I don’t see how tcash has anything to do with that balance of tickets.
    I don’t think the game looks to see whether a player will buy tcash or not.
    My own experience has been, a lack of one item whether I’ve used tcash or not, and it’s been the same for players who have posted thus.

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    The original question was about the tickets. But cdosr mentions that he or she kept statistics about how much of the build and upgrade items he or she got. My reply was more to that as those things I mentioned could relate to the randomize of the game in collecting those materials.

    But you can also buy the tickets needed with Tcash. So even for these tickets it still relate since we don't know the algoritmen for deciding with colour you get. It could be really random, it could also also be for example something like 10% of every player who has less than 100 Tcash remove 20% chance of the colour which has the least and add 10% to the other 2. Meaning where normally each would have 33.3% now 1 colour has 13.3% chance and the other 2 43.3% chance.

    Ofcourse it could have nothing do to at all with the TCash buy if people do buy the Tcash with real money (because they spend to much on the tickets or upgrade) it is more profit for the company. I wouldn't be suprised if something like this would be in the game.

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    Thief15 I doubt we will ever truly know the way Playrix have things set to play out in Township. There are so many different scenarios, as in your example of certain percentages of players experiencing different outcomes in how they receive tools etc. So we may not all share the same situation at different points in our game.

    I would say that it seems they have got it just right. It causes the right amount of frustration to engage the players, without making most walk away from the game

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    But there are a lot of players who won't do the side events anymore. The bottom half of my competition group in most events is made up of people who couldn't have given it more than a few tries. More and more, that will include me.

    I may not have walked away from the game, but the mini event is failing in its function of inducing me to spend even a little tcash.
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    I don't play the game mysef but I think it has something to do with the following things from what I have seen from my mother who plays.

    1: A lot of people have played the minigames a lot of times already. So eventually it get boring.
    2:Getting the items to play the games is boring. Especially if you are in a situation like the topic starter. But just getting the fuel to play you need to log in every 30 minutes for a lot of events. People do have other things to do even if it just a quick thing to do.
    3: The events take to long and happen to much. Like the bubblegum event took 6 days which is long. 1 day rest and a new competitions already starts.
    4: And even more stupid in my opinion that it had twice that on one day you get bonus stars. So you are just saving and saving for the bonus instead of directly playing when you can.
    5: While I do get it of Playrix but the events are mostly pay to win. Many times after the first day the number 1 has already spend so much Tcash and so many point that is no fun competing anymore. And then I mean so many points that itbis a weeks worth if you arent spending Tcash and need to sleep. Especially for people who aren't rich.
    6: Prizes aren't great. Like the number 1 got 50 Tcash and a lab ticket for extra money with sending planes. Meaning if you do 19 times retry in the game you already spend more then you receive and as for the extra money shd already has to much and nothing to spent it on. Plus the extra money you get from the planes is not a lot compared to the prizes of not winning. Maybe it would be more fun to get decorations that are temperaly limited. Like that other players can only buy them after 3 to 6 months after the event. Or earn decoration which cost a lot of Tcash.

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