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Thread: Bubble Gum Event issue: ticket balance

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    Isn't what we are experiencing here just by definition random?

    If a set of 3 items are selected randomly at any one time you will see more of one or less of one than the others, but the longer you conduct the test for, the more those levels even out.

    I've seen this constantly with events, different people being short of different items at different times.

    So for Virtual Adventurer having logged this for years the results are pretty even. For the simple test I'm currently helping Charlie with our levels are evening out the further into the test we go.

    Yes, there are other factors to take into account, but me and Charlie are at different levels, different barn sizes, different amounts of coins, cash and materials. I'm still building zoo enclosures and expanding land...but our results are pretty much the same.

    To be honest I'm not sure Playrix needs to rig things so we spend more money, people's impatience will get them to spend enough anyway.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nightrook View Post
    To be honest I'm not sure Playrix needs to rig things so we spend more money, people's impatience will get them to spend enough anyway.
    I agree, this is meant to be a game of patience, but so many don’t have any lol

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    Quote Originally Posted by Virtual Adventurer View Post
    Currently in my barn:
    95 green festival tickets
    87 red festival tickets
    84 blue festival tickets

    This does not look like a totally uneven distribution.
    Happy you had no issue. I ended up selling all the green and red tickets to start again.

    I’m now sending heli orders and fulfilling orders at the event when I’ve enough. Once tickets are converted to tokens, I return to heli orders. Balance seems fine so far.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cuddz View Post
    I agree, this is meant to be a game of patience, but so many don’t have any lol
    I considered not responding to this reply but just for the record, patience isn’t an issue here as the OP.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Virtual Adventurer View Post
    That looks like witchcraft to me.
    Those bricks might have been delivered without selling your excess glass and slabs.
    Just be patient and wait for the bricks to come. A week should be enough to collect 30 bricks.
    Looks like Playrix is making money with the impatience of players.
    Side issue from my OP, I received 30 bricks in 2 days. Held 60+ glass. A few zoo enclosures and one community building under construction.

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    In regards to patience.

    “ now have 59 Red, 54 Green and 0 Blue. “

    How many more heli orders are we looking at to balance that out?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cuddz View Post
    I don’t see how tcash balance has anything to do with it.
    Normally it should not if it is random. But wbo is more likely to buy more tickets. Someone who has 1000+ or someone who has 50 tickets. With patience neither should need to buy it but the person with the 1000+ already have the tickets needed to upgrade and the person who has 50 has a bigger chance the he or she doesn't have it or will nearly have 0 after the upgrade. Ofcourse plenty of people will always get enough materials otherwise noone would play. But if for example every 10000th player has a problem then it can be considered an "unlucky" streak. Of if every fifth upgrade has problems for example people would also consider it "unlucky".

    And yes I doubt about normal random change (and with normal I do mean fair chance and and not that 1 item has 5% chance just so that they can say it is random change). But like the movie guy who gets it should be random who get it. But twice after my mother bought something in the game he dissapeared. And that while he appeared just before and that he came multiple times a day everyday for a year between the 2 times she bought something. And more players complained about it. But they deny here on the forum that is has anything to do about it just because there are players who don't lose him. But how big is the chance that more people after the same action lose him and because of a random chance? Not pretty big I would say.

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    Quote Originally Posted by cdosr View Post

    Currently, a friend and I are keeping track of every one of the 12 materials needed for building, land, and barn expansions. Not watching every train but just noting when they are sold or used and what the current inventory is in the barn.

    Is there any basis for assuming the 3 color distribution for items fueling 6 day events like this work the same as building materials and expansion parts?

    I have played a lot of these events, from bottle caps, to plant seeds, to paint, to tickets, and I forget how many others. Never once have I received the three colors in anything approaching a balanced amount, or balanced in terms of their rate of consumption. I do think that they set different drop rates for the three colors at the helicopters, but that they have more than one set of numbers, with different players in different groups, at keast one of which gives more balanced numbers.

    What I've seen is that most people will have much fewer of one color, but that shortage color won't be the same for everybody. It is likely true that when they are all summed together, the numbers will be similar, but that is small consolation to the player who can't make tokens because they have no green tickets, but oodles of the other two colors. My current numbers are 25 blue, 17 red, 5 green.

    My experience is that the barn expansion materials also have one items that shows up less than the other two, but those definitely change over time. The fact that the numbers will balance if we wait long enough or if we add multiple players numbers together doesn't really prove that for any one player, for a given stretch of time, there weren't different drop rates for the three items.

    As for expansion parts, we know those items change, because the developers have told us. They are programmed to be changing in a helpful way, tho it doesn't always work out that way.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Míc Miller View Post
    To facilitate getting bricks for the ProfVE task, I sold all my slabs and glass. Was getting two and three bricks on trains. Task was history in short order.
    My experience has been the opposite. I don't usually build zoo expansions so I sometimes sell off some of the two materials not needed for my next cb. This seems to cause the software great distress and it starts delivering extra of those two items I now have in short supply. Personally I have not had problems collecting cb building materials back when we needed all three.
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    I have consulted a couple coding "grand gandalfs" and a computer industry "legal eagle" about feasibility, algorithm strategies/tactics, modus operandi, ethics, liabilities, U.S. laws, legal responsibilities/recourses, and more. I have my answers and will not engage in this discussion any further. Thank you for this understanding.

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