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Thread: Too many Factories, Crops , Goods , Animals

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    I'm glad to see so many people agree. Also to put things into perspective I would say I'm a long term player. I have been playing since August 2018 and have pretty much bought all expansions zoo enclosures and factories etc. I think it would be easy for them to rotate items available to make in the factories since they already do it for events. Also they could temporary close certain factories and reopen them. Maybe when it's time to reopen them they could do a fun event to do so. Just some new creative ideas that doesn't make the game overbearing. I hope playrix will read this thread and consider these ideas. Thanks for an amazing game 🙏

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    This seems to be the way with so games.

    In earlier gaming, games were designed to have an end point, or individual scenarios with win conditions. Then we'd just start over when we were ready to play again. Typically, each time we started, the game would be enough different that we would play over an over.

    With mobile gaming, they start out with a nice concept, maybe a story or characters introduced along the way. The game map is designed for plenty of space for the original story and characters and levels and factories. But nobody ever, ever, just lets the game end at its original end point anymore. Players don't finish the game, think, well that was fun, then move on to something else (tho we have seen players start over, or at least start a second game). Developers aren't willing to let us walk away when the story is done or everything is achieved. They don't want to depend on new players to keep them going, so they just keep tacking on more chapters, more levels, more characters, more factories, whatever, until the story gets stupider and more rambling, the added buildings really feel tacked on and pointless, and there isn't any more space for anything.

    How many games have we seen this in in some aspect or another?
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    Sadly that's not just true for mobile games, but for games in general... When the first 3D PC games came out, they were story based with basic multiplayer options. Nowadays most succesful companies create multiplayer games, MMOs especially with lots of microtransactions and loot boxes, which bring the random chance.... These are F2P games too most of the time. Progression is really slow, cosmetics are hard to get and in many games, the rarest items go for thousands of dollars!! I am not kidding, thousands of dollars and many players pay that much for those single cosmetic items. They are very rich people, or people who make money with those games though...

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