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Thread: 14.05 Update is OUT! (iOS, Android, Mac)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nana Jenny View Post
    This post was made in November and now it is June of 2020 and we still have snow and Christmas!!!!
    hi Nana Jenny,

    not contradicting your annoyance about Playrix, but as far as I see none of the posts in this thread is from last year, as it is originally about an update in May 2020, for the other OS.
    And as this forum is closing down end of the month, Playrix is obviously reading here even less than ever before, so it is recommendable for you to write to them ingame, so your complaint might arrive there.

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    It is now JUNE, when will Township PC players get the update? I quit playing for a month hoping that when I come back, there would be an update. It is depressing to keep looking at the Christmas decoration. I am SERIOUSLY thinking about quitting.

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    Quote Originally Posted by cmaitland View Post
    This is so frustrating. Our co-op is still stuck on Christmas. They keep telling us an update will come soon but for some reason our version does not get the updates
    Sono mesi e mesi che chiediamo un aggiornamento ma sembra che facciano orecchie da mercante, stiamo qui a perdere tempo sperando che qualcuno ci dia retta o almeno ci facciano sapere quello che vogliono fare con i giocatori da PC così ci rassegneremo e prenderemo coscienza del fatto che questo gioco va disinstallato e abbandonato, per come ci stanno trattando e considerando il tempo che ci abbiamo speso è il minimo che possiamo fare....meglio passare oltre o meglio altrove, ci sono giochi molto più divertenti....credetemi!!

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    What a shame!
    Soon the summer will end!
    And the game is still winter !!!

    Where is the update for windows 10?

    STOP WINTER !!!!!

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