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Thread: 14.05 Update is OUT! (iOS, Android, Mac)

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    14.05 Update is OUT! (iOS, Android, Mac)

    Hello, everyone!

    The newest update is now available to all our iOS, Android and Mac players! 🀩


    🍭 The Bubble Gum Festival: get gumballs from the machine to earn event points and spin the Prize Wheel to win prizes!
    πŸ• Italian Week: treat your townspeople to delicious pasta and win awesome rewards!
    🌸 Blossoming Boulevards: jump from building to building decorating your town with flowers.
    πŸ‘·*β™‚ Mayors' tournaments: Transport Magnate, Industrial Boom on May 26, and Advanced Agriculture.
    β›΅ Catch a wave in the Age of Knights regatta season and get ready for a trip to the Wild West.


    🌱 Grow a new Tea Plant starting in Level 84.
    β˜• Build a Tea Factory to produce Black Tea, Jasmine White Tea, Rose Tea, Butter Tea, Milk Oolong Tea, and Chocolate Custard.
    πŸ’ͺ Unlock new factory goods: Bagged Tea, Green Tea Candy, Tea Ceremony Set, Tea and Coffee Bouquet.


    ⏰ Keep an eye on the event calendar so you don't miss any great limited-time offers.
    🌎 Enjoy 2 new town expansions.

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    This is so frustrating. Our co-op is still stuck on Christmas. They keep telling us an update will come soon but for some reason our version does not get the updates

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    Cmaitland, I agree it is frustrating. I don't understand why they are leaving PC players in a perpetual Siberian environment. I subscribe to Township PC Only (the active newer version) on Facebook. Players have asked when an update will be released or to assist PC players concerns. Players keep receiving a generated message blaming COVID-19 for not updating the game. Yet Playrix is able to do an update for iOS, Android and Mac players? For a company that has over 2000 plus employees, they are not able to task somebody to update Township for Windows or just get rid of the Christmas theme. Playrix should be honest about why they abandoned the Windows players yet continue to use them as a cash cow. Stop using this COVID-19 as a default to hide from your customers or a lackadaisical attitude.

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    I totally agree! I would just be happy playing without events...just END Christmas already...please!!!

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    I don’t have the update and Township is not even showing up in the Apple store. I’m at level 144 so I should have gotten it. A member of my co-op told me about it.Anyone have an idea? I also don’t see the bar that says Facebook connection??

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    I wish there was a solution. They have been giving me the same message since middle of January before COVID19 that there will be an update soon. I play on 2 tablets and my other tablet gets all of the updates and events. UGH!

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    cmaitland...are you playing Windows 8 or 10 on your tablet? I got a message that they would no longer support 8, but WOULD support Windows 10. That was quite some time ago. I've gotten pop-ups, even today, talking about a jungle regatta event, but still Christmas...maybe they're working on it?

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    Madison if it doesn't update automatically.
    Go to your store.
    For older iPad hit the update button then drag the screen down to refresh the updates.
    For newer iPad click on you profile in the top right corner. Then pull the screen down to refresh updates.

    Hope this helps

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    I updated but cannot find the expansions. Am I doing something wrong?

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    Quote Originally Posted by awwwo View Post
    I updated but cannot find the expansions. Am I doing something wrong?
    They are at the right side towards the mountains. If you haven't expanded there already, you won't see the additional two, just your next ones, as before.
    Hope this helps

    Screenshot_20200516-151736.jpg the text means: the hermit's island is to the left.
    (tap/click to expand pic)
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