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Thread: 14.05 Update is OUT! (iOS, Android, Mac)

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    Oh, I see. Yes, it helps! Thank you!

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    Quote Originally Posted by awwwo View Post
    Oh, I see. Yes, it helps! Thank you!
    You're very welcome + Thanks for replying.

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    From reading here and also on the FB page - W10 is getting little or no support for anything. We don't have half the features other platforms have, the Zoo is a loss and the whole Christmas thing has become a joke. I really enjoy the game but I am starting to believe that we are being strung along until W10 reaches it's expiration date and then we are just out of luck as the developers cut their losses.

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    So sad that they are making that choice. I have been playing on my PC for over a year. I have friends that play and people within the game that play well together. I hate to abandon my town.
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    Windows 10 users need an update because we are stlil stuck on Christmas. PLEASE, STOP MAKING COVID 19 EXCUSES AND GIVE WINDOWS 10 PLAYERS A NEW UPDATE!!!!

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    When will the latest update be available for windows 10 players? We are still stuck in Christmas and winter theme and its annoying.

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    it was good experience to have it play it

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    Quote Originally Posted by cmaitland View Post
    This is so frustrating. Our co-op is still stuck on Christmas. They keep telling us an update will come soon but for some reason our version does not get the updates
    I have the same problem ><

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