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I rage-quit the game this morning when I saw this update. Playrix is totally blowing it, thinking that adding more and more work to playing the game fully is the way to keep people engaged. On the contrary I feel like a hamster on a wheel that they kept spinning faster and faster. It's such a relief to have stepped off. I'll log in one last time later today to complete my 16th task (1st leg of a relay task) for the sake of my teammates, but that's it. I'm done.

Having novel mini-events and other optional sideshow content is fine, but shoveling more crops and factories into a game when it was already becoming impossible to keep the existing ones all running all the time is just insane. I never stopped wishing they'd roll back the mushroom factory, and now this? Ugh. It's time to walk away.
I am the exact opposite of you. I enjoy new factories. Actually, give me more factories, crops, and recipes to juggle. I like that part of the game more. For me that is better than getting community buildings that add nothing to the game. As far as the mini-events and regattas, I am bored with them. I can only do those so many times.