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Thread: Necessary Barn Upgrade Items Not Coming

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    Necessary Barn Upgrade Items Not Coming

    This issue has frustrated me to the point that I'm about to quit playing Township! (no joke)

    I have been trying for over a month now to collect enough material to upgrade my barn. I have the necessary paint pails and nails (29 of each) but I'm stuck at 18 hammers. I kid you not, I have probably sold between 5 and 10 paint pails and nails since I got to the 29 threshold of each, but have not received a hammer in at least 2 weeks (if not longer). I sell every other item I receive on trains and planes due to space in my barn, but still no hammers.

    Even before I made it to level 57, I made the decision to focus on upgrading the barn first since I already had about 20 paint pails and nails and around 15 hammers. My plan was to then focus on adding the community building, and then a couple of land expansions. But, since achieving level 57, I've accumulated almost a third of the experience points to get to level 58 and have yet to be able to expand my barn.

    I understand that there is supposed to be some random algorithm to determine what arrives on the trains and planes, but it's getting just plain ridiculous. I don't even get any hammers offered in the marketplace anymore (yes, I'm desperate enough that I'd spend some township cash to buy a couple but I certainly don't have the $132 I'd need to buy them all through the upgrade window).

    Please help. I used to love playing Township, but now it has become a frustrating personal joke to me and it just makes me more and more angry every 4-5 hours when I come back to look at what's arrived on my trains only to find anything and everything but hammers!

    Gaines Township

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    That is a down right nasty streak of bad luck you're having there, Gaines Township. I feel for you and I completely understand your frustration.

    Your capacity to gather barn upgrade items is determined by:
    - the odds to get a barn upgrade item
    - how often you get to draw for a barn upgrade item

    The odds to get the right barn upgrade item you can fiddle with somewhat by selling excess barn upgrade items. You're obviously already doing that, which is good. Keep on doing that! Also don't have multiple community buildings under construction, it can also mess with the train loot.

    How often you get to draw for a barn upgrade item you can fiddle with by upgrading train return speeds. You mention waiting 4-5 hours for your trains. You shouldn't have to wait that long. You can have them return every 2,5 hours. Allowing you to "fish for hammers" more often. And hopefully stopping you from having streaks of bad luck smeared out over two (2!! yikes!!) weeks.

    As a minor comfort, I've had such streaks as well. But with how fast I run my trains, they lasted a week tops. That feeling when you finally! upgrade your barn is still worth it!

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    Hi Gaines, I feel for you. You could try selling enough paint and nails to be just 1 under what is needed, another trick (and as painful as it sounds, can often work) is to actually sell 1 hammer. As Vuurl says upgrading your trains to make them 50% is well worth doing if you are able to take advantage of this throughout the day. Good luck!

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    It has happened to me I am always short on paint. Currently I do not have to worry have lots of barn space no longer having to save building material with the exception of land expansion and zoo. On that note I only keep 50 slabs glass and brick. Interesting note I always receive 3 to 4 slabs glass and brick. This has been going on for over 2 months. As soon as the get to 60 I sell 10. I only let them build if I need for my next zoo up grade. Follow the advise of other players it does get better. AND DO NOT BUILD MORE THAN ONE AT A TIME this also goes for the zoo

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    No Hammers for Barn Upgrade!

    It has started happening now with the event on. I need 12 hammers and have not received a single one though I would have dispatched about 50 trains and played the House of Luck about 25 times. It's frustrating!

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    This has already been answered above and it has nothing to do with the event.
    The best thing you can do is try selling the excesses, keep the same amount of each tool.
    This will throw the algorithm back into sync.
    If you start getting more of one or two tools sell them.

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