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Thread: Great game but expensive

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    Great game but expensive

    Hello there! I'm from Brazil and we are quarentene, the only thing to do is clean the house and play township.
    Sad that it so expensive if you on lock down and have no money.
    The market is expensive, please add me as a friend ZHMC8V
    Thank you

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    You can play the game without using any real money, and many players do.
    The trick is to be patient. Coins are easily made, send all helis and you will soon earn coins.
    No matter what you do you will not get through this game is designed to be very slow for you to progress.
    Good Luck...Enjoy your game.

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    and don't waste your tcash on speeding things up or opening chests. help as many friends as you can

    are you on Windows or something else? and what level are you at?

    Windows lvl 26 (second time around)

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