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Thread: Mushroom factory

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    Mushroom factory

    Please make an upgrade to reduce the time it takes to cultivate mushrooms, bacon eggs etc. the 5 hours for mushrooms is a particular long time.

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    Whilst I agree it seems a long time, there will be a reason they take so long.
    Probably to test our patience...they are very good at that

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    5 hours seems long, but it's better than the pigs and bees. I think the one thing they definitely need to fix about the mushroom is their inconsistent treatment as animal products. If they are treating them as animal products, then they ought to count in feed tasks and all the animal boosters really ought to work on them. I'm not sure which ones do or don't anymore but seem to recall early complaints about mushrooms and boosters.

    My strategy is just to avoid using mushrooms.

    Try to buy products containing mushroom wherever they appear in the market, ask for help when trains or planes ask for mushroom items. Or, in the case of planes, send them away empty if they ask for too much.

    If you can afford the barn space, try to remember to collect them when they are ready and not wait until you need some.

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