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Thread: Festival tent in decorations

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    Festival tent in decorations

    So about my wish for a festival community building.
    I've figured out how to work around there not being a stage thing in the game yet.

    But it would be very nice if you would add a festival tent to decorations.
    Red, yellow etc. Maybe make it possible to change the color of it.
    Google festival tent if you're not sure what I mean.
    It was the first pic on my end.

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    There is the Music Venue community building at Level 66. It has a small stage at one end.

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    JFYI, you won’t see any of your wishes coming to fruition within any reasonable time.
    Firstly, the wish has to be asked for many times before it is then moved to the Frequently suggested ideas.
    From there Playrix staff would have considered it, and if lucky implemented it. However..neither this wish list, nor the other list are updated any more.
    Tbh I think these lists should be closed as they are no longer used, but, players continue to add to them.
    I doubt they will be used by Playrix staff at all now due to the fact this forum is closing in July.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mayfield View Post
    There is the Music Venue community building at Level 66. It has a small stage at one end.
    I know, but it's so small and it's live music, drums and such on the stage.

    Something similar to that is what I'd like to see.

    And besides, I asked for tents not a venue in this thread.
    The tenst will help others understand what I'm going for with my design.
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