While crawling through various game related FB pages, sifting through the volume of "how is this possible?" posts for the Agriculture Event, the Color Splash Event, and the Regatta in general, I ran across a post that just made me scratch my head.

Did you ever see Things That Make You Go Hmmmm? Make you exclaim "Say What!"

There was this guy, posted a picture of the Laboratory with the "Busy Trade" Purple Booster activated. His question was basically, "Can anyone tell me what this booster does?" Say What! You activated a booster without knowing what it was for? Hmmmm

I didn't answer him, I didn't want to embarrass him. On the other hand, I just had to know what are they thinking?

Care to share any game observations you may have, things that make *you* go hmmmm.

PS, I'm always enjoyed C+C Music Factory, hope you like the video