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Thread: Possibly to cheat in Advance Agriculture

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    Possibly to cheat in Advance Agriculture

    If you hand your town from one person to another,wouldn't it be fair to others who are playing on their own?

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    It’s still just one game. I think if you get your kids of friends to play, it makes it tough to compete with them but not sure if it is cheating. I think that happened in mine as well but hopefully it is done by only a few.

    I think playrix does a ranking for the events. I don’t do that but I’ve hit a few events pretty hard and I see my competition gets tougher every time and now I ran into a couple of those players. So I think they sort first by level then by past performance and position. So it wouldn’t be hard to separate the big scores and not put others with them. I think the super players should be pitted in their own competition.

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