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Thread: Rampant deletion of task with value less than 135 from Regatta board

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    Rampant deletion of task with value less than 135 from Regatta board

    Hello Dev Team,

    I think currently some Coops are doing only tasks with value 135 and there is rampant deletion of tasks. This forces the members in the coop to take only task which are of 135 value. With all Coops doing only 135 value task, there is big clutter on top and it is very difficult for others to win Regatta once in a while. I think it is time to level the playing field.
    I think there should be some exponential penalty added for deleting the task from the Regatta board. This can in terms of time taken for new task to appear or it can be in terms of points or both.
    Please bring up ideas where Coop which collaborates more with in itself has more chance to win the Regatta. I know this will bring in more calculation and development efforts to be put in by Dev team but this can be done. Points can be earned for helping each other within coop for Regatta task, and so on.
    This is a collaborative game where collaboration should be rewarded and Coop should be able to build good bonding which will help the game to have more and more player playing for a long period

    Best Regards

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    Hello beachstone

    Unfortunately, developers do not read this forum, however, your idea can be submitted in-game. As far as this idea...I can say with confidence...most people will disagree.

    The choice for doing 135 tasks only is up to that co-op's playing style and they should not be penalized for it. Especially when those teams already spend tcash to replenish those cells/blocks or to speed up tasks. If a player does not want to do all 135s then I would suggest finding a different co-op.

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    I agree with Twilight.
    I can’t see Playrix penalising players for spending money. So alas I think your idea will fall on deaf ears.

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