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Thread: Regatta Vibes... Sensational or Stagnant?

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    Regatta Vibes... Sensational or Stagnant?

    Many threads here focus on day-to-day regatta issues... kicking, dumping, hopping, scoring... That’s fine.

    But what about deeper issues with the overall regatta setup? Issues such as repeating seasons, lack of decos, staleness of tasks?

    I’ve been a devout regatta participant since the feature opened up for me, about three years ago. Until now. I finally threw the towel in, after trying to stay positive for as long as possible, switched off, and am done. No more. I am so tired of the repeating seasons, the lack of decent new decos, the repeating tasks over and over, the mostly useless boosters awarded... I’m tired of endlessly dumping to try and stay in gold league despite not having anything to use my regatta tokens on...

    I just don’t get good, or fun, vibes from the regatta any longer. So I’m out. What about everyone else? How are you vibing with the regatta these days? Still engaged, if the decos are new? Plugging away? At the end of your rope? Do tell... do tell...

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    I largely agree with you. For me it was the new zoo. With the dealer I could knock out hot product tasks like whoa, and earn a lot of coins and materials to invest in development. After the change I had little to no interest in regattas. I don’t need the dealer anymore either. And for months now I only check in once a day to collect my balloons and send gifts. Sometimes I send a train. But overall the game has no stickiness for me anymore.

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    I share these concerns and only race about half the time now. I found it positively liberating to not race.

    The regattas no longer serve to add much interest to the game. There is way too little variety of tasks and way too many that show up almost hourly. We get sick of dumping the same tasks over and over all day long.

    I also agree that the seasonal tasks have lost their specialness. Plus, too many of them are poorly calibrated to a sensible difficulty level. For example, 135 picks is comparable, maybe a bit easier than 135 ore, but 135 dynamite and tnt are way easier. At the other extreme, 135 coins are almost twice as hard as 135 copters most of us use for the bulk of the coins and 135 clay uses way more tools than 135 ore. IMO, the seasonal tasks should be calibrated to be similar to or easier than the regular 135 tasks. We should look forward to getting a seasonal task, not dreading and dumping them.

    My biggest concern about the regattas, apart from being no fun anymore, it that it is really hard for lower level players to begin participating in regattas in a gold league coop with higher level players. The game needs more tasks where the quantity slides down corresponding to lower player levels, like the coin task does. It also needs to stop giving factory tasks that only one racer in the coop could possibly do.

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    I don’t have experience with the zoo “pre-change” as I held off for so long on opening it, and I ended up opening it the day the changes rolled out... so I can’t comment on whether that made the regatta less likeable. But changes to the game making me less likely to log in? Yes. I have, and do, experience this due to the utter lack of new decos and a stepping down in general of reward quality given for the now very stale event repeats.

    I do agree that it is liberating so far not messing around with the regatta. Absolutely so!! I could care less I will drop down to wooden! I love just being in the game and not having my activity dictated by the regatta which didn’t really have a good ROI for me anymore.

    The task point allocation I also agree is off with respect to the mining tasks; I don’t see any re-calibration taking place at this point, though...

    I’ve got 240ish tokens to burn and I’ll pick up the minstrels and be thrilled. A nice-looking, small, fresh-to-market deco that can be placed in many little scenes... perfect...

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