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Well said Charlie,
I sit and harvest wheat constantly whilst watching tv..so I don’t always catch it immediately if im engrossed in the programme lol
Guess I have a sad life hehehe
However it would be nice for players that are not interested in trying ( and I respect their choice) to be appreciative of those that earn the Group Rewards.
I'm pretty sure the group goal is set according to level, so it's not too easy or hard. However, I've found that, in every group I've been in, it takes more than a couple banging out points. From my observation, if the first 4-5 players aren't jockeying for those top spots, we don't get the group reward. We didn't get it in this last one, though I got 30k+ points myself (I'm level 59). Only the first 3 players worked on points aggressively, and the other 2 stopped when they were 10k+ ahead of everyone else. But, our group wasn't very active, as a whole, as I didn't even start working on it until the last day and still got first, by a large margin.

A couple might be able to carry it at higher levels, but it's never been my experience from where I am.