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Thread: Regatta task-counting mechanism need to be improved.

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    Regatta task-counting mechanism need to be improved.

    Greetings players,
    As we know there are no way to know what tasks other members of our co-op have done, this can be sometimes troublesome, especially when reserved tasks were taken without permission. It caused dispute among co-op members since they usually prepared well for a task when they reserved.
    Because so, I have a propose to make the game better by showing the whole co-op or just the leaders, co-leaders with elders the done tasks of others.
    I am looking forward to seeing the game is better and fairer in the future.

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    I agree. It can be shown in the IS so why not it the regular races?

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    It would be pretty easy to do. The game already has a Statistics button that gives us the list of our racers and their totals. It also already has the display listing all of a player"s individual tasks, currently available only to that player. They could let us to tap on a player's name on the Statistics screen to launch the players detailed task info.

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