To start I absolutely love your game and I've been playing for a while, but I think you should take in consideration for the people that don't play as much as some others. Like when you have the games like the one you just had where we were renovating the office it was fun don't get me wrong, but I was two away from finishing it, but since I don't get on as often I wasn't able to finish it because it kept getting to the point where you had to get more and more tickets, I think for things like that and for all the other things like you do on the game like expansions and everything else it should be one set number it would make it easier and more fair, like just make it an even hundred. Also could you put everything back like it used to be before you put that new tool thing in I haven't been able to finish much of anything between trying to do my zoo and my Village since you did that, especially since when you go trade the parts for the tools you don't get very many tools and it takes forever, I have buildings that's been sitting there for three or four months that I can't finish because I'm not really getting that many parts on my train, maybe give out some more of the building materials on the train to make it easier for people to get the stuff, and that's another area instead of every time someone gets a building built and you go up on the material keep the material at one set amount make it easier for people like me who don't play very often. I hope that I'm explaining this so you understand what I'm trying to say if I'm not then please let me know. One other thing make it where people can get expansion tickets a little more often that would be a big help. I'll leave it at these three things for now so I don't overwhelm anybody. Thank you and have a blessed day.