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Thread: Didn’t get my land expansion after completing my office.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Stella Eaton View Post
    I got mine, I think they’re rolling it out to everyone who played!
    Only to those who also finished the room, I'd say (cos I didn't, and don't get a reward, just the usual exchange of leftovers) - and that is perfectly OK, of course.

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    land expansion and 15 t-cash over the original 30

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    My compensation came twice, immediately after each other.
    So I got 15tcash and a land expansion twice. Total... 30 tcash and 2 land expansions.

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    Mto obg pela resolução do problema fiquei muito satisfeita e meus companheiros de coo também. Grata

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    Exato, concluí meu escritório mas não recebi meu bilhete de expansão. Estou insatisfeito.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Leonardo Araújo View Post
    Exato, concluí meu escritório mas não recebi meu bilhete de expansão. Estou insatisfeito.
    Translation: "That's right, I completed my office but I didn't receive my expansion ticket. I am dissatisfied"

    Quoting myself here...from page 5 post #50:

    "As I mentioned it is "rolling out", when we hear this it means that it will be a gradual procession. Have to remember Playrix is compensating thousands of players and different platforms. So the process could take a few days to reach everyone. Fret not...if you completed your mayor's office...yours should be coming soon! "

    It is possible you may have to file a ticket if you haven't already. So hold tight and see what happens.
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    Colpi di martello

    Non ho mai ricevuto il buono espansione gratis della stanza del sindaco la mia città si chiama micaeandrecity

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    Colpi di martello

    Buono espansione mai preso aiutooo

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