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Thread: Free dealer coupons and discount for hire dealer - changes again?

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    Free dealer coupons and discount for hire dealer - changes again?

    I have got a lot free coupons with last Vernon experiment, but using them has changed. Has anyone else noticed the same?

    I hire dealer for 10days with normal discount (72TC). When time expired I decide to use free coupon. But when after 1hrs dealer need to be hired again it didn`t offer 10days discount. I thought I missed time for hire with discount so I hire him for 1 day.
    After 1 day I could hire dealer with 10 days discount, but I decide to take another free coupon. I pay attention to be back in 1hrs, but I couldn`t hire dealer with discount again. I buy full prise for 10days but now I won`t use free coupons until further.

    I open request by support but the response (not automated) was completely out of my question. English is not my native language but I believe I describe problem correctly. For those who can check the support, ticket ID is 7535958.

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    They keep changing how it works. The current experience seems to be that the discount comes back only if we use the free coupon within the hour the original discount is available.

    Once we let the discount expire, using the coupon doesn't bring it back.

    At that point, we can at least save a little tcash by buying the dealer for only one day. After that day ends, we will see the discount offers again and can purchase the 10 day plan at the discounted price.

    I've no idea how long we need to wait before seeing the discount again if we don't buy Raja. We used to get it after using several coupons, but that doesn't seem to work anymore.

    As I said, they seem to still be adjusting how these work, so experience from a few weeks ago may not be relevant today. Also, it would not be unusual to find this feature works differently on different platforms.

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    Yes Mayfield, I suppose it is so.
    But I was very careful to hire dealer inside that 1hrs, so in case of taken free coupon and 1 day coupon. For now it seemed that taking free coupon cancel option of discount, regardless of taking it in time.
    By the way I hire dealer all the time and I never missed discount. It is just one thing I decide to use constantly.

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    I also buy the 10-day service all the time and I hate the coupons. I had 15 of them after I finished the experiments and I used them all to buy something I needed until they were gone.

    The next time I need something, I will buy 1 day for 12TC then I expect to get the 10 day service discount back. I have always gotten the 72TC price right after each time I bought 1 day of service, so far.

    I was one of the last people to see the deep discount of 60% off of the cost of the 10 day service after using 4-6 coupons in a row, they changed it right after the first time I got it. Now, there is no reason for these coupons, they are a waste for me, and I hate to see them pile up.

    ETA on 3/30: I bought 1 day yesterday and 24 hours later I got the 10-day discount for 72TC. This is the way it has always worked for me if I dont buy the discount when it is newly offered. The only good thing about the coupons, I just realized, is that using them means you are not spending TC right away, but the bad thing about using them is you are spending more TC than you have to to get the 10 day discount (12 THEN 72). Im back to hating them again.
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    I wouldn`t mind taking free coupons if the discount for 10days would stay after each use. No need for greater discount just treat free coupons as any other hire time. As long as I won`t be force to use them I will leave them.
    But I will try to open new request to support, perhaps more luck next time.
    Thanks for response.

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    The free coupons should work like a free use of The Dealer. They could put a limit on how often you could use them like once every 3 hours and their use doesn't effect the current arrangements you have with The Dealer.

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    Just a thought:

    If you only have 1 hour from the time the dealer tells you that the discount is available, then you use a single use coupon, you have to wait another hour before you can use the dealer again. So, the next time you can talk to the dealer again is "1 Hour + the time it took you to use the coupon", in other words, more than 1 hour expired since the dealer first told you the discount was available.

    That simple timer seems to explain what appears to be a complex interaction between the coupons and the discount.

    ETA: If someone is interested enough to test this theory, one could use the "Busy Trade" purple booster to cut the dealer's wait time to 1/2 hour. If the discount is still available after the coupon use an the 1/2 hour wait time, then the 1 hour timer controls when the discount disappears. If, on the other hand, the discount disappeared after 1/2 hour then the discount disappears "either after 1 hour without using the dealer or after any dealer use without rehiring him".

    "Busy Trade" is a purple booster and hard to come by so I'm not curious enough to try this myself. I always have the dealer hired, 10 days at a time.
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    I think we are back to where the previous thread on this topic left off.

    The players who buy Raja every 10 days have no use for this coupon they keep rewarding us with. This is a reward mostly of benefit to players reluctant to spend tcash. It seems backwards to me to reward people who won't spend and shaft the ones who do. I thought the suggestion of allowing the coupon to be used while Raja is hired without regard to his rest period clock was a good solution. It at least gives them some use for everyone.

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    I've used the dealer coupons b4 the Professor & would be able to rehire after using several coupons... For $36!!
    I've used 9 coupons & rehire rate is still $90...sounds like TS doesn't want us to use dealer coupons. As it seems I'm penalized for doing so. Uugghh

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    Quote Originally Posted by Moosi Village View Post
    I've used the dealer coupons b4 the Professor & would be able to rehire after using several coupons... For $36!!
    I've used 9 coupons & rehire rate is still $90...sounds like TS doesn't want us to use dealer coupons. As it seems I'm penalized for doing so. Uugghh
    That particular glitch didn't last very long before it was fixed. Quelle surprise ! There's a thread about it somewhere, though from memory might be in the first Prof Verne Event thread.

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