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Thread: What happens if you can't complete the mayor's room in Hammertime?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mayfield View Post
    For me, the main objective is the reward more than the office. I guess we could open the office from time to time and redecorate.

    My town must be very poor that we have not been able to update our telephones since the 1980s.
    my town is nestled in the mountains where cordless phones won't work . . . lol

    and decorating style don't matter . . .

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    Quote Originally Posted by Di’s town View Post
    The colours are a nightmare
    Maybe next month the professor will bring us some new curtains. And doors for the bookcase to hide the glow in the dark binders. And a new phone.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Di’s town View Post
    The colours are a nightmare
    A hideous nightmare! Even my nightmares have better color schemes. I gotta say, I hated everything about decorating that office. Maybe there will be new color options to chose from later.

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    Yes new options would help

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    I think it is dumb to not be able to keep the office if we didn’t finish it. We should be able to keep what we did during the event. I used township cash to keep going through the levels but if there’s no point in keeping what we earned, i wont be playing future events.

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