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Thread: Signage ideas

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    Signage ideas

    I read in another thread that street signs cannot be implemented into the game. I understand that, but I was thinking maybe it would be cool to have a customizable sign (like a mini version of the main town sign) to mark things like shopping districts, neighborhoods and universities. I'm very proud of the agricultural university in my town, modeled loosely after my own campus. I'd love to make a sign that says "U of Danville" or something like that. Thank you for reading and for the game! šŸ™‚

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    Hi Danville, welcome to the forum, whilst we still have it lol,
    As you say signs have been ruled out.
    Some players use their town sign to show a certain part of their town.
    Not sure if you want to or not, but unfortunately there is no other way.
    Enjoy your game.

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    Cuddz, what if they did it as a decoration! Wouldn't need the town name, just "University", "Downtown", etc?

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    I think that would be a lovely idea, and like you I think it would be a great addition to the game.
    Iā€™m not sure of their rationale, but it could be they want the game to be generic and not so much personalised.
    We used to have flags as decorations that we could customise with our country, but they removed that option and now we just have a few random choices. Many players complained, but nothing has been done.

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    Another guess:
    If you can customize a sign, they would have to monitor the contents, and that in all languages they offer. Offensive texts, and the like.
    I would imagine they have enough to do re that with town names and Coop names.

    If they added deco signs with given texts, they still would have to add the words in all languages they offer. So it might even be a data/space problem.

    And no, I have no idea either, why it is possible sometimes: for the Valentine cards, and the "gift from..." description of some decos. Love it.
    But the hearts-shaped deco and hearts balloons from one of the earlier events, dunno 2016 or 2017, have lost that "identification" meanwhile again.
    I'm crossing fingers the later ones don't do that next.

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