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Thread: Looking for an active co-op!

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    Lightbulb Looking for an active co-op!

    Hello, I hope you are all safe and sound. I want to join an active co-op and was wondering if there is a thread here someone could link me where you can search/make contact with co-ops. I’m a level 30 but simply can’t find an active co-op through the in-game menu/search function. Thanks!

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    Hi, and welcome!

    There's a specific thread where players can advertise their co-op: Co-op Ads. You can take a look at those, and if you would like to get in touch with any of them, use the contact info they provided (request in game, PM here on the forum, etc.)

    Also, you can post an ad in the Player Ads thread, where you can state what you're looking for in a co-op, so co-ops that are currently looking for a new member can contact you.
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