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Thread: The Farewell Thread

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    Johnalex Zarco
    Quote Originally Posted by Graylady View Post
    I will miss the forum too. After 6 years of daily visits and close to 10,000 posts I see a big void coming. I will see some of you on the other forum if I can adapt. I have a hard time finding my bearings there.

    Keep having fun with Township everyone...
    Feel free to ask for help if you need it! Me and the other members will be happy to help whereever and whenever we can! ^_^

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    Gold Member _DD_'s Avatar
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    Thanks, everyone, and don't get lost on your way
    to meeting us elsewhere.

    Quote Originally Posted by Mayfield View Post
    ...We can rebuild the sharing and camaraderie there, but the one thing we can't replace is the ability some mods had here to contact Playrix and get help for desperate people whose games were lost or stuck in Support limbo. Seeing people's games restored always made me happy.
    I would sign the thank you posts here, and also this one - so true.

    Quote Originally Posted by Graylady View Post
    ...will see some of you on the other forum if I can adapt. I have a hard time finding my bearings there. ...
    same here, Graylady, but we'll keep trying, ok!? PLS, do as Johnalex suggested and ask everything you want or need there - we'd miss you too much, if you allow yourself just to relax in your garden instead of trying it out there, till it works. On se voit là-bas, bitte :huggs:
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    Quote Originally Posted by cdosr View Post
    I've got my towel. Thumb in the air. So long and thanks for all the fish.
    And don't panic! 😉

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    So, a sad and final farewell to the Forum. I learned so much from and with you all, and made friends I hope I'll take with me long into the future. Thanks to Dread, Nevada and Anna, as well as all the other Mods and Members too.

    What a brilliant time we had! Hope to see y'all out there in the wild sometime.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cobalt Banana View Post
    I tried to go out in style and get banned( mentioned 5 other games in one post).
    Some moderator did their job and deleted it.

    See you in Downton's place,
    Kind regards,
    I read it and was already afraid that it would not come through the balancing committee.
    If you have saved it, please consult the other side ...

    To appreciate your commitment, I dusted off your initiative.

    Now is the time ...

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    So long, farewell
    Auf Wiedersehen, goodnight

    Parting is such sweet sorry.

    Good night Mrs. Calabash wherever you are.

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