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Thread: The Farewell Thread

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    So long and thanks for the fish

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    Oh wow! I can hardly believe that this forum is closing and am quite honestly at a loss for words...

    I have loved every second of it though and especially getting to meet and connect with so many amazingly kind, helpful people from all walks.

    I will see y’all in another place I’m sure, though not the same home we’ve made here I am still optimistic that it will be full of the same people that made this forum so great!

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    What strange times we're going through. Reading your posts made me reach for my tissues..seriously lol. When I started creating my teeny tiny TS world I was escaping in my mind...then I found this forum. You guys welcomed me in, took me by the hand and opened a huge new world in my kindle. I'd never believed much in on-line social media, virtual 'friends', but that's what you've become. If I'd known about 'friending' I'd have 'friended' most of you...may still do while I can! The amount of help, information, encouragement, and entertainment from you all was so refreshing, familiarity came with reading you until I had to participate...albeit pretty awkwardly! Thank You so much for Everything! Thank You to Bess, Dread, Nevada, and Anna, it's been a great forum, Loved it...this is such a shame. Also, for your support. I don't belong to f/b, it would be great to see you around? Finally, I'll add that the 'Unofficial Township Forum' is forming well, they're doing a great job, (Thanks for providing links Dread/Anna) join to continue, or maybe pay us a visit? My last post/story for this thread, maybe on this forum.. Thanks for being there, hasta la vista...stay safe..and Farewell.

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    Dear Forum, thank you for being the home for many of us.
    Thank you Anna for given us some more time before this place becomes 'read only'.
    And thank you Dreadnought for keep doing what you're doing in last period even with the knowledge of a soon closing door.
    Thank you DD, Charlie and all others who, since the Closing news, in recent months persisted here to help fellow members and players who had just discovered this forum.
    Thank you friends for just being your wonderful self.

    A door is closing, new doors will open.
    We meet again somehow someway

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    I will miss this forum too, but it has been nice to see so many familiar names migrating to the new one.

    We can rebuild the sharing and camaraderie there, but the one thing we can't replace is the ability some mods had here to contact Playrix and get help for desperate people whose games were lost or stuck in Support limbo. Seeing people's games restored always made me happy.

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    I will miss the forum too. After 6 years of daily visits and close to 10,000 posts I see a big void coming. I will see some of you on the other forum if I can adapt. I have a hard time finding my bearings there.

    Keep having fun with Township everyone...

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    For all you old American Football fans, I thought this would be appropriate for the last day of the active forum.

    Turn off the lights.....

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    Farewell my Friends, and everyone else who helped make this forum a place to feel at home.
    All those members that were here almost daily to help other players, too many to mention everyone, but you know who you are.
    Dreadnought for being our voice of reason, and sticking with us to the end,
    Anna, for being our link to Playrix,
    I cannot thank you all enough. Your sharing of knowledge has given so many a solution they couldn’t find.

    I feel like I am leaving a home after a very long time that is filled with many happy memories and moving to a new home to build new ones.
    So with a small tear in my eye, I glance back as I turn out the last light, close the door and walk down the path.
    I will miss the old place so much, but new horizons and adventures await.
    Goodnight everyone, will hopefully see you at the new home.

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    I tried to go out in style and get banned( mentioned 5 other games in one post).
    Some moderator did their job and deleted it.

    See you in Downton's place,
    Kind regards,

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    Johnalex Zarco
    Good bye old forums! You weren't always fair to me, but you've been a great resource!
    Your legacy lives on in the unofficial forums, and I hope it will continue for longer than you were allowed.

    Thank-you Cobalt for starting this thread, the other thread just really isn't a proper burial place. Praying everything goes well for you with your heart treatments.

    R.I.P. Playrix Community Forums (2013 - 2020)

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