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Thread: New crop: Lettuce and new Salad Factory!

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    New crop: Lettuce and new Salad Factory!

    I have a new idea for a factory: a Salad Factory which uses Lettuce.

    Lettuce can be obtained by planting it on the fields. It should take less then an hour to grow, like 40 minutes.
    Examples for products in Salad Factory:

    - Fruit salad: strawberry, peach, grape and pineapple
    - Ceasar salad: lettuce, eggs and cheese
    - Nicoise salad: lettuce, fish, olives and tomato
    - Spicy salad: lettuce, tomato, peppers and lime
    - Summer salad: lettuce, corn, carrots and tomato

    Perhaps move the seafood salad from the asian restaurant to here and change it to: lettuce, corn, fish and schrimp.

    Some already available products can be changed to contain lettuce: Cheeseburger, Fishburger, Burrito... because these products clearly contain lettuce in their icon.

    I tried to come up with something new that will not pressurize the fields and factories even more.
    What do you guys think?

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    Welcome to the Forum MoneyMaker.

    Your recipes sound delicious.

    However, you may see that new factories
    and/or recipes may also bring howls from
    the other players.

    There is another game I play, code name HD,
    that has a salad shop. So your idea for new
    factory is sound.

    Kind Regards,

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cobalt Banana View Post
    code name HD
    I LOL-ed at this

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    The idea sounds cool, but I'm not sure if people would be happy if each recipe requires multiple raw materials to produce ...

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    The recipes sound good, but you may not get a good response to having yet another factory.
    I wouldn’t want one, to me it just creates more work. New players find it hard enough already without adding a further burden.

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    Good idea! I love lettuce. It will be awesome if township has lettuce

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