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Thread: Township Forum closing down

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    Quote Originally Posted by JJay View Post

    ..............So my favourite most recent post from Township Family's Facebook page, for those of you who aren't members, is this:

    Attachment 54444

    Hopefully see you all on the other side
    Lol JJay thanks for sharing, that is so Bessville, such a funny post, but to the point
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    Sad sad news there. I'm going to miss this place.

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    Thank you to all of the players who shared their knowledge of the game for so many years, with so many players. This Forum has been a gift.
    Facebook can’t provide the same quality of support...for all of the reasons listed by players in earlier posts.
    Thank you players for setting up a new forum for us. It’s incredibly reassuring to know that the customer support provided by players will continue.
    Goodbye is sad.
    Hello will be refreshing and a lovely new beginning.

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    Long post, and last post... in the spirit of this space which has embraced discussion, thought, and what have you...

    Sad news. I’ve been playing for a bit over three years and have utilized the forum since the very beginning. What is important to remember is that this space was a forum in the truest sense where ideas and opinions were put into the public digital space and opened for discussion. And it was done civilly. This “space” on the Internet was an actual “place” where folk from around our great world could come to gather, question, complain or praise... to banter and joke; to wish, wonder or worry; to seek hard information, or to just seek solace from real life.

    The main Township Facebook page, and of all online app games I’ve seen, is, well, and I hope the mods keep this up in the spirit of “the forum”... nothing but a crap show. I agree with all the posts above concerning it. I do not use FB and never will due to many factors.

    The move could possibly have a weensy bit to do with GDPR. Forcing people to use FB takes the responsibility of protecting and maintaining all the personal information of users under GDPR off its plate of responsibility and places it on FB’s. I realize GDPR was a few years ago but Playrix may have held on until the burden of maintaining this outweighed the perceived benefit of keeping it operational. Some other games I played back when GDPR was implemented closed their forums down and this was a reason given... whether or not it was true or if they were using GDPR as a scapegoat I don’t know. Just relating some info; do with it what you will if anything at all.

    I suspect Playrix knows how disastrous FB is and they clearly understand the differences between there and “here” but they don’t care. Playrix employees are simply the mouthpiece for their corporate masters... saying FB is great because it’s their job to do so. It really isn’t honestly in Playrix’s best interest (or any game’s, really) to even have this sort of “official” place like our forum here where people post strategies and tips which can allow others to maximize their games without outlaying any or as much cash to progress. They are trying to get players to spend; we work on trying to get players to save, plan, strategize. A conflict of interests.

    About this place: This place was by the players, for the players, at the expense of Playrix. A truly wonderful and beautiful gift. Official forums like this seem to be a dying breed in the gaming world. Personally, I believe forums such as this foster a sense of community, and that in turn builds loyalty to a game, and brand. It makes a connection from game to heart. The forum becomes part of the game.

    Facebook is neither by the players or for the players. It may seem like it’s there for the players but it is there for the company to advertise. And for FB to profit off your information. That’s it. It does not encourage discussion, engagement, civility or anything for that matter (speaking of the official game page only; private groups are a totally different ballgame). The main page is a nothing but an extension of “the self” and selfish mentality with which this world has been overcome... while here, in this precious tiny little corner, players could come together, stay awhile, and engage versus posting and leaving.

    It takes time to read the threads here. The threads are engaging, informative, full of life... we can get a sense of the person behind the post... as I said earlier this is an actual “place.” Facebook is quick and out. Get your eyeballs there, read the news at the top, post your crap and leave. Much of the world isn’t “into” engaging anymore; it’s just “about me” and “likes,” “my” posts, my selfies, “my” “life.”

    Thinking, writing, out loud... Perhaps we are of a dying breed ourselves, here: cut from some cloth that values good old fashioned chit chat, that values reading in general... the art of the word, intelligently-written posts, the “goings-back-and-forth” of a conversation in a thread... of valuing the posts and thoughts of others even if we disagree. FB?... none of that. Society, sadly, is losing that.

    Enough wandering, I suppose...

    The percentage of players using this forum versus of those using FB is all we need to understand; where the eyeballs are looking. Whether or not “engagement” happens is irrelevant to Playrix. It’s about the eyeballs. Like everything, it comes to that at this juncture in “civilization.” It’s all about the image, hitting those eyeballs and FB toots that out. Playrix is just keeping up with the gaming Joneses. Sad, unfortunate, not surprising. But reality.

    Thanks to everyone here who has posted anything throughout the duration of this forum’s existence. It all has meaning. It all is important. It all has helped in its own small way. You all have importance. Your words, your thoughts. Your praise. Your criticisms. Your comedy, your intellect. Your opinions. Your game knowledge, your knowledge of anything else that life has given you.

    All. Important.

    Your words have actually built something. Created something. That has inspired others, helped others, made people laugh, made people think.

    Made a difference.

    It is so sad when these special places are taken away; for me, a huge part of the game is being taken away and I’m irritated that gaming companies no longer value places such as this. But I am in the minority of the player base, and it’s all about numbers, who do not see value in FB. This is a “me” issue. Not Playrix’s. I’ll be joining the new forum as well.

    In closing, this place was built on words. Nothing more, nothing less. We know that the pen is mightier than the sword, and here in this place, the words from thousands of players across the world... from various cultures, colors, religions, professions and more... have done the mighty indeed, with words: brought a tiny portion of the world together.

    Under Township.

    Fitting. And beautiful.

    Thank you so much again for what you all, through your posts and efforts here, have done to make this game so special.

    With deepest gratitude,


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    Eagle One, what a brilliant post

    I was completely absorbed and a lot of your thoughts and feelings really resonated with me. It is a very sad thing that this has and is happening with so many games forums. Though your possible/probable reasons why unfortunately make sense to me

    I guess it is just hard to comprehend as we put so much value in the community built here, as you say by the players for the players. A dying breed indeed.

    I look forward however to seeing you on the New forum
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    @AnnaPetrova - why??? I don't know if you are management or just a mouthpiece. But why don't you (or your bosses) listen to your customers? Why does your customer support not listen to your customers?? This forum is closing down. Is the game also going to close?? Anna Petrova where are you???

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    Eagle One..your post says it all.
    Thank you.

    JJay, I think your pleas will fall on deaf ears. In a few hrs this place will be deserted and Playrix, Anna and any other staff will not have to walk these corridors again. The question of Why..will never be answered, and as the cobwebs settle in the corners, and the dust settles on the furniture, the day will come when the ruins that are left will be just another memory, and one day this place will be removed completely.

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    Downton and Cuddz, thank you for the kind words.

    Sandy, I love your wording at the end of your post: “Goodbye is sad but hello will be refreshing and a lovely new beginning.” I look forward to the new forum as well.

    Cuddz, I agree: at some point this forum will be wiped clean. Playrix won’t pay a third source to host the space, in this case v-bulletin. That was the case when the other game forums shut down allegedly due to GDPR as I mentioned in my post, and they also used v-bulletin to host their forums. But, as a side note, those games were also in the process of sunsetting as well...
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    Hello everyone,

    I understand how upsetting the news might be; it was not an easy decision to make. Our community means the world to us, and the Forum has always been and always will be special to us. I agree that using Facebook might cause some inconveniences like a lot of different info and posts to handle. But our mods work hard on making it a welcoming environment with useful learning tips and tricks for the players (now, that was a small spoiler 😉). So some quality improvements are on the way.

    Good job in setting up an unofficial forum, I've added the link to it in our announcement. I would also like to inform you that we've made some corrections—our Forum will be fully running till Jun 26th 💚


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    Quote Originally Posted by Cuddz View Post

    JJay, I think your pleas will fall on deaf ears. In a few hrs this place will be deserted and Playrix, Anna and any other staff will not have to walk these corridors again. The question of Why..will never be answered, and as the cobwebs settle in the corners, and the dust settles on the furniture, the day will come when the ruins that are left will be just another memory, and one day this place will be removed completely.
    I'm 100% certain that whatever I try to say to Playrix here will fall on deaf ears. They've proved over and over again that they don't care what their customers say.

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