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Thread: Township Forum closing down

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    So, Playrix has found "a perfect sub for" this forum on FB - <stifling further comments> !

    Thanks, Charlie, for that great summary!
    I won't go to FB, but to the new Unofficial TS Forum, and hope, you all (who will miss THIS forum) will come there, too! It has a similar structure as this one - no wonder, it IS about Township

    And hey, we can use every help we can get, as we didn't find out yet, how to make the free SHERV-net-emojis work there!

    Thank you very much, dread, for this thread and the opportunity to post in it and even about the Unofficial TS forum. I do hope we'll also see you there! ❤️

    and all the veteran players from here, and the nice newbies/youngsters...
    (GL, pls don't disappear... )

    well, it was nice while it lasted. Thanks for good times
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    Sad to see this forum closing, but we all knew with the closing of the lounge it would happen.
    This forum is hosted on a free server except for a minimum charge for removing ads. so cost is not a factor. I know because I have run one.
    So it seems Playrix are no longer interested in their players, and that has been shown by their lack of presence here.
    Playrix did not expect this game to take off as well as it did, and as with a lot of businesses it has become ruled by it’s profits with no thought of those that maintain those profits for them.

    Thank you Dread for keeping this forum going as best you could.
    Thank you Nevada, Bess and all other mods for also helping that happen.

    It’s a shame they couldn’t just hand over the reins to someone in order that all this valuable info wouldn’t be lost.
    But I guess that’s not Playrix style.

    Facebook is not an ideal place to hold anything to match a forum, I have tried and it doesn’t work.
    There is no way in FB groups to organise threads or posts.
    Also the majority of players do not use FB and many of those that do don’t bother with the Playrix page/group.

    Thank you Downton, DD and Ruud for creating an alternative to here for members.
    To that end all is not lost.
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    Given that the brilliant help and advice given here, for example just yesterday for Mac users with blacked out mines, often beats in-game help system hands down, both in speed and quality, it would be more logical and cost-effective to transform the forum into CS. But mine is not to reason why.....was lovely while it lasted.

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    I am also very disappointed and sad that Playrix sees the need to end the forum. It's been over a year sense I joined this forum and the sense of community I find here is not something I see on Facebook. Just joining the group all I see is questions and a spam video. I don't see anything about best tips, introducing yourself, or anything except the basic Add Me: CODE HERE or Join my coop, create a separate barn for building materials, etc.

    When it come between here and Facebook, I choose the forum hands down.

    Thanks to all the moderators and users who have helped make this forum!

    I'm glad the forum community gets to keep going! Thank you Downton and to all the others who are helping with that. (I hope all Ruud's posting can find a new home over there too!)

    One last SHERV smiley for the road...

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    Thanks Ethan. I agree, very sad and disappointed Playrix have made this decision

    Don't worry, we may not be able to use sherv on the Unofficial Township Forum but Admin can add more emojis for everyone to use there

    Also please everyone the Unofficial forum is very new, so please remember to save the site to your bookmarks/favourites
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    Too late. I went and register and did not remember to bookmark it. Lol. Fortunately, I could still follow the link here.

    I think developers undervalue what a forum community adds to a game. I guess they probably think we underestimate what it costs them.. either way


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    I literally just found and joined this forum a couple of days ago. Its got a huge wealth of info that I've already put to good use. I'm sorry that its shutting down.

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    Thanks to everyone involved in keeping this forum going this long. I have learned so much from you all and have really enjoyed getting to know other players. I hope to see you guys on the new forum!

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    I'll miss this forum. I've been a member for more than 2 years, and I lurked for a year or so before that (it took me that long to join because, believe me, for those of us who are technically challenged, it's not that easy!) I've learned loads and I've met some nice and interesting people along the way. I don't post as much as some others, and quite a few of my posts get deleted - rightly or wrongly, no-one will have to decide after today

    I "do" Facebook, and I'm a member of Playrix's official group. I'm also a member of other very good Township groups on fb. I go to them for information, and Township Family for entertainment if I'm really bored.

    So my favourite most recent post from Township Family's Facebook page, for those of you who aren't members, is this:


    Hopefully see you all on the other side
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