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Thread: The Farewell Thread

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    The Farewell Thread

    Leave our old home in style.

    Do it your way. Appreciation, humor, nostalgia, reminiscing, Thanking folks.

    I must collect my thoughts, then I will post too.

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    I've got my towel. Thumb in the air. So long and thanks for all the fish.

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    I have had a fantastic time on this forum, and will be forever grateful to it and all the wonderful people I have met here

    A thousand thanks to all of you who have been a reassuring presence on this forum

    And thank you Playrix, Anna, dread, Nevada, Bess and all the previous Mods and staff for the work you guys put in to it, creating a community I was proud to be part of

    I am going to miss this place
    It's been a Blast! Thank you, goodnight and god bless
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    I wish had seen the message about the Forum closing down a little sooner. But then I suppose I should be thankful I saw it at all before they turned off the lights and shut the door. For have I not just come out of my funk?

    There is a legitimate excuse for today however as I had heart catheterization at about 9ish this morning. By the way, that sedative is pretty nice; it is now past 2 AM and I am still staggering like a drunken sailor.

    The sedative shall also serve as my excuse for starting a separate farewell thread, not realizing in time that people were already using the "Township Forum shutting down" post for that purpose. Mortified, I tried to delete this thread, but could not figure out how. Sedative again or an idiot at work? Then I was saved by Charlie and Downton, so my farewell shall go here as well.

    The banner for the already live new forum place says "An unofficial forum for players who love Townsip." I have loved our old Forum even more and many others must feel the same. We just could not not have a Forum and like manna from heaven, talented tech savvy people stepped up to keep that from occurring.

    Years from now, Township players will still be visiting our old home and see the wealth of information the players left there, the virtual friendships forged in that gathering place, and the regard they had for each other. It was unique. I don't think any other game has what we had there.

    It is sad to see it pass true, but I believe our new home https// is going to be very special too. Why? You will be there right, so how could it not? At any rate, I saved a few humorrhoids and plan on deploying them therein.

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    Sometimes in my live I ask for something new to do and the Universe (or anything or anyone else out here) always answers.
    That may sound floating in your ears, but it works for me this way.
    So years ago I requested for the opportunity to develop my writing.

    As many of you I started here on the Forum as a reader, but the topics were inviting enough to join and so I started writing too.
    But as a not native writing in English is a different cup of than talking it.
    If it sounds well it doesn't always written the right way.

    Fortunately for me, there was DD, you are a great helper and mentor from the first hint you gave me. So thank you for walking next to me, being the friend you really are.

    The threads of Cobalt, with humor and that little twist, were very nice to read and really popular. You recently talked about the new colours that can take over your job. In my opinion the rainbow is not complete without that deep dark shining blue of you! So I'm looking forward to see you on the other side!

    Thank you Nana and Graylady for still joining here as Forum members / TS players of the first hour.

    Thank you Johnalex, for being the inspiring writer you are! It was your thread about 'Let's talk about Sheep' that inspired me to start writing about the never ending search for Township in Real life. Hope you find your way to our new home too.
    Thank you Forummers for forming this really nice community that feels like home to me. For collecting so much information about the game, for sharing your experiences and your concerns. Really great to feel your friendship around here.

    Thank you Anna for working together with me on new topics, for inspiration to start doing things on my own.
    Thank you dreadnought, Nevada, Bessville and all the other Mods before you. For all of you: a job well done!

    A lot has happened since the closing of the Lounge. A sign on the wall that was..
    The opportunity Anna suggested me to create a spot in Groups to keep sharing stories to each other was the beginning of a new chapter.
    Although moderating groups isn't really a job it was the beginning of the idea of starting a forum of our own.
    Thank you again DD for walking next to me on this new road.
    And then Downton, I asked you to investigate how your favorite Aquarium forum was build.
    Soon after that you, DD and me were working on a wonderful new home! A d step by step more friends were following.

    And dear dear Groupies, thank you all for joining in, for making this place a nice place to be together with you.

    So goodbye and Welcome in our new home!

    Time to close this door and open another for a housewarming party!
    Kind regards,
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    wow, Buddy, you know how to set some accents in a story
    BEST wishes for your recovery, and thank you again so much, for posting here, and for coming to the new forum.

    One can but hope that Playrix will indeed keep this forum and all its info open for reading...

    I have posted my farewell here.

    BTW, AFAIK you can't delete the first post in a thread,even if you started it (and the less, when there are answers), so no reason to think bad things about yourself.

    Come on up on your feet again soon, pls, but only after a good night's (or day's!) sleep.

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    Just now seeing the news that this gathering place will soon be no more. Too many memories and too many lovely people to even begin to express my disappointment that this is happening.

    And Buddy, my very best wishes to you for a full and speedy recovery.

    “The old order changeth, making way for new and God fulfills himself in many ways, lest one good custom should corrupt the Earth. But now, farewell...”

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    That emoji sums up my feelings on the closure...especially since I am terrible with words.

    Thank-you to the core members of the forum that kept the wheels turning, to the moderators that help to keep the place cleaned and organized, to fellow players that brought in their own thoughts and ideas (even if we didn't agree) it still brought imagination for the enhancement of TS.
    Thank-you for the fun, the laughs and the bonds of friendship that were created.

    I look forward to seeing those you of you that would share in the next forum journey over at the Unofficial Township Forum.

    Cobalt a speedy recovery wish for you!

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    Many many years ago........ well that's how it seems...... I found myself playing a game with no clue whatsoever what I was doing, or why......
    Then I found the forum. For a while now, I've been a 'lurker' as I now have my original iOS game as well as my MAC town - but for the first 3 years I was on the forum looking for answers more often than I was in my town I think.
    I never did anything without popping in and checking with Greylady first 😂.
    So much information - so much encouragement - so many laughs.
    Thank you to all who have given so much time to help others.
    And thanks to those who will carry this on.
    Onwards and upwards........

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    I only missed logging in a few days...and missed a lot! I'll be seeing you in the other place. It's strange but my enthusiasm for the game really has followed the downward path of this forum. The change of the zoo made things so extremely boring and my interest level is next to zero. I only log in once a day to collect and send gifts. Every few days I may send a train. Never compete in regattas anymore, not even interseasonal. I would probably remove the app except there are two people in my coop I enjoy communicating with.

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