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I agree, the Wiki is more for information about the game. Their forum mainly consists of questions, too I just meant to clarify re. the remark "if there is one".

We will have time to talk this over, over there
Here, in this forum, is already a thread explaining how to add a screenshot, and you would be the first not to manage it.
Or just ask in the other place - tell your OS (pls!), so someone with the same can answer.
ETA: just saw Johnalex' post - I don't think a PM is necessary; just post your question, when it is not already described there.

Also important: most often, screenshots are simply too big in size for what is allowed in fora.
Before trying to upload in a forum, search online for a free tool to "compress png" (or jpeg) or "shrink pdf" (one can switch there then) - it's quite easy then.
YOU with all your thoughtful attentiveness won't tell me you plan to stop learning sthg new?
Whatever works for him/her, I just offered my assistance. He/she can post in the forums and someone (me or someone else otherwise) will be able to help him/her there as well.

Do take note, there really isn't a size limit that I've seen on the new forums compared to this forum. I might be wrong though, as I haven't tried uploading anything bigger than a screenshot. It also doesn't appear to be OS-based, which is nice.