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Thread: 22.04 Forum Change News

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    22.04 Forum Change News

    Hey Townshippers!

    We’ve always been proud to be a part of such a devoted community like you guys. The ideas and feedback you shared always helped us make the game even better!

    But as hard as it was we have come to the decision to close down our Forum and make it read-only by Friday, Jun 26th, 2020. Township Family, our official Fan Group on Facebook is a perfect sub for it. The largest number of Township players from around the globe to interact, share ideas or design solutions, meet new friends, and celebrate achievements—all in one go!🤩

    IMPORTANT NOTE 📌 Folks, please keep in mind that you’ll still be able to view the existing discussions on our Forum. However, posting, commenting, and messaging options will be closed for all users.

    We’re looking forward to seeing you in our Township Family Group!

    Thank you for your understanding 🙏
    The Playrix Team
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    We’d love to thank all of you for contributing to our Forum. And special thanks to our awesome Mods: dreadnought, Bessville and Nevada for the hard work and great help both to our players and to the admins 😍🌞🌷

    Join our Group to meet more Township players. It’s super easy:
    • open Facebook and log into your profile;
    • open Township Family Group and click ‘Join Group’ below the cover photo.


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    Some of our members have created an unofficial forum, you might feel like joining.
    Please bear in mind that this community isn't owned or managed by Playrix, so we won't be in charge for the credibility of the information provided there. Thank you for your understanding 💚


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