Hopping has become quite institutionalized by now don’t you think? Everybody does that it would seem. Well, I have actually never done it, but one cannot deny it is healthy for the game. And this is hopping week and so you will see some of your friend’s icons proudly display their hopping banner.

So, is there a “Father of Hopping” and who would that be? This is in the realm of opinions but in my mind it would be ShadowRune. He had trouble presenting his ideas in a way that could be understood and was ridiculed by some when he tried, but he did try to write an early version of a user’s guide to hopping. He had a volatile short time on our Forum. ShadowRune, the Father of Hopping.

Well, the next anniversary for Township will be the 7th right? Wow, seven years! Each year they do something with that BFF Fountain but what in the world can they do with it this year? Six years and we have a Cow, Chicken, Sheep, Pig, Ducks, and Otters. We just got mushrooms so maybe they could put some kind of fungus on the statue. We’ll see.

Some have recently asked “What is the point?” of a certain area of your Township game and I really like the way a senior member patiently and kindly answered this question. He mentioned some like to decorate and I know I do. Did some this morning in fact. It was the perfect thing to get my mind off of my mind and we all need a distraction and especially with what is going on in our world.

So, rework an area of your town and get ready for room(s) in your town hall. Good things are coming from Playrix.