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Thread: private chat only for the leader and the auxiliaries

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    private chat only for the leader and the auxiliaries

    After Greetings ...

    * - I would like to extend my highest thanks and appreciation to the champions responsible for the development of Township.

    * - As you have always promised us to issue all new and innovative, and never late to meet the suggestions and requests of players, I would like to offer you an "idea" if approved, it will contribute to the ease of work for players within the Township.

    * - We would like to add a method or conversation separate from the main conversation that includes all thirty members of the cooperation.
    * A conversation that includes the leader with only the auxiliary leaders.
    * - So that the leader can give instructions and guide the assistant leaders without drawing the attention of the other members of the cooperation.
    * I hope the idea is clear to you, and that you include it in Township as soon as possible if possible.

    * Yours sincerely
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    Hi, Welcome to the forum,
    This has been asked for before,
    It is on the never to be implemented list ( middle link in my signature)

    As you aware new to the forum, may I suggest, when you have time, to read the stickies at the top of each sub forum.
    There are lots of brilliant tips and strategies there.
    You can search the forum as well to see if anything has already been or is being discussed already.

    Enjoy your game and have fun

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    We have set up a private Facebook group for our leader and co-leaders. It allows us to discuss private business like problems going on, removals, etc. Just a thought!

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