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Thread: Watching ads for Tcash?

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    Watching ads for Tcash?

    I have been reading this forum and multiple times I’ve seen people say to “watch ads to get Tcash”. I’m level 19 and have not seen any ads yet. Do you get them at higher levels?

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    The characters offering ads appear at the helicopter pad, which we get at level 3. I don't remember if the video ads showed up immediately or only after a few more levels. I think it was pretty early, though.

    Most of the ads are offered by a character who looks like either Woody Allen or Steven Spielberg (aka Video Guy). Sometimes we also get ads for other Playrix games using a character relevant to that game, like Austin the Butler from Homescapes. In the copter order display, the border around the video characters is yellow/gold/tan rather than green or red.


    The reward for watching is either 1 tcash or several hundred coins.

    Whether and how often we get ads is one of the great mysteries of the universe. In theory, players are assigned to some level of ads by their marketing people. Players who spend money fairly regularly typically get about 2 ads a day. Players who rarely or never spend money sometimes get more, but may lose them for a time after spending real money.
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    I'm on level 79, and I have never seen even a single ad while playing this game.

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    Not everyone gets those ads, although they may appear one day. I remember a discussion about them long ago.
    They are very random, and even once you get them they come and go.

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