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Thread: Problemas para hacer tareas en regatas

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    Problemas para hacer tareas en regatas

    Hola, uno de los miembros de la cooperativa no puede hacer mas tareas de la regata, solo lleva 4/7 pero la opción de "comenzar tarea" no le aparece, solo la de "reservar". Nos podrían ayudar al respecto. Mil gracias!

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    "Trouble doing homework in regattas
    Hello, one of the members of the cooperative cannot do any more tasks for the regatta, it only takes 4/7 but the "start task" option does not appear, only the "reserve" option. They could help us in this regard. Thank you!"


    Trying to understand: Sounds like you are in the Wooden League as you mention 7 tasks. The other player did 4 out of 7 tasks correct? Did they fail to complete 3 tasks? Did they dump a task they were in the middle of working on? Because that is what it sounds like. A screenshot would be most helpful.

    Once a player takes a task to work is counted toward that player's overall this case in the Wooden league it is a total of 7 tasks.

    This link will take you to Playrix's Helpshift and it explains the tasks:

    This link will take you to a descriptive process of regatta. Hopefully it will answer any other questions you might have:

    Hope those help.

    As to the reserve option...not sure how that is still showing up.

    Another thing the player can do is clear cache or uninstall/reinstall the game. If all else fails...they need to file a for that is in my signature.
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