Basically , I struggle mining. So for over 8 months I have just stopped trying.

I know it isn't a game issue. My phone screen sensitivity is glitchy but not afford a fix or new phone. I can't place anything in the far corners without lossing connection mid drag and the mining tools fly back to where they were. Meaning I can't mine. It was okay into I got a spot where nothing can blow up. I just need to blow up 2 blocks and i can continue playing but I can't because of lossing connection midway drag. But if I can throw the tools into the area then it can clear the area withoyt loss of connection mid way. It would save my issue. Right now I have over 300 pickaxes, 100 dynamite stick and 90 bomb things . I want to mine but I simply can't ... Ño mining , not gold , no silver, not a dime . Which means my upgrades are behind my actual level 42 ... Level 42 but working with level 20 factory's .