I started my town abt 2 yrs ago on my iPad (after receiving an ad from Playrix while playing Gardenscapes), and was immediately hooked on Township. After playing almost every day, and reaching Level 120+, my beautiful town was LOCKED. No explanation, no way to recover off FB, just LOCKED/GONE ((disappointment)). After a few months, I caved and started a new town. This time I made it to Level 40ish. Now I have been BANNED for "suspicious activity"???. I never cheated, always helped my co-op, did everything by the rules, EXCEPT: I NEVER OPENED MY POCKETBOOK AND BOUGHT COINS OR TOWN CASH FROM PLAYRIX. If you play and find it challenging to earn coins and cash and build your town through honest playing, rather than buying it and PAYING PLAYRIX to skip work or buy weird decorations, BEWARE, your game will disappear without warning.