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Thread: How long have you played & what level? How many times a day do you play?

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    How long have you played & what level? How many times a day do you play?

    I’ve started playing 3-4 days ago and I’m already midway through level 16. I check it multiple times a day because of quarantine and I’m addicted. I feel like I’m progressing a bit too fast.

    How long have you played & what level are you? How many times a day do you open it and play?

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    I’ve been playing since October 9, 2019 (191 days in a row (6 mos., 11 days)). Currently about 1/2 way to level 50. On the weekends, I check it multiple times a day when I’m not doing anything.


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    I've been playing since October 2017 and am Level 86. For most of the first year I played regularly for a time, then only a couple times a week, then not at all for a while in a dead coop whose active players had all left. I did a lot of planes and trains at first, but not so many copters. Then planes became a pain so I did mostly just trains and mining until I figured out why I never had any coins and added some helicopters.

    I started playing again full time about a year ago, when friends from a different game wanted to try this one and we formed a new coop. Since then, some of them have already reached and passed me. The big benefit of going more slowly at first (lots of trains and not too many copters) is that I have a much bigger barn at the same or lower level.

    I play on and off all day, but am racing less often now.
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    Have been playing since 2019 january on Windows and 2019 november on android. Levels in signature. I first started playing in 2018 april on my phone, but left after 1 month of playing. Then started playing on windows almost one year later and actually stick to it this time. After many months I became frustrated. When I had to travel a lot I couldn't play at all and I only wanted to just log in and check the foundries, which only takes half a minute...
    And also moved to mobile, because of the lack of content on windows. We are waiting for the content right now, which mobile got in 2019 january-february... Yes, that's right, festive factory was introduced in last year february, and windows still doesn't have it. We also have the old zoo. So I got back to my town on mobile and now playing with 2 towns, but mostly concentrating on the mobile one.

    As you can see, I level up very quickly, but once I reach lvl 103 (last item in the game), I slow down. Like a lot. I actually send no helis at all, just trains and planes, so then I level up really slowly. If there is a task, or a double reward event, obviously I do send helis, and I send a lot of them in that 2 days...

    I generally concentrate on trains and upgrading. Log in very frequently to check on foundries and use Raja every hour. I am racing on both platforms, sometimes switch it off on windows. In these unfortunate times though, I do have the ability to play as much on windows as on phone, but as soon as this is over, I know I won't be able to. Also, if the game dies, windows will be the first to fall and there are some really good events on android. Windows haven't seen an event in months, and even before that it was color splash and fishing all the time...

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    I've been playing since summer of 2018. I'm retired so can play at various times during the day. In October of 2018, I had some surgery so needed something to keep me occupied since I was confined to home.

    I've just played my own game and have ignored parts of it for a long time. Still haven't opened the coop and only opened the zoo about 4 months ago. It isn't a priority, I sometimes let the same "orders" sit for weeks. I even held back on some factories when they became available. I've got all factories now and am working on opening up more land expansions.

    Now, I'm high enough in levels that it takes awhile to reach the next one. And, I don't care how long it takes.

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    I've been playing for 2.5 years, and just leveled up to level 123 today.

    Normally I check in very early in the morning before work, then again in the evening.

    Since the pandemic, with work closed, I have played just.... a bit.... more. 😁

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    I've just completed my 1,000th consecutive day of playing -- I'm at level 146. I "play" 3 or 4 times a day -- just a few minutes each time to do whatever needs to be done. I've finished everything there is to do (that I wanted to do), so I'm primarily still active because I like the people in my co-op. I don't pay any attention at all to how quickly I level up ... I have ZERO use for building materials (even my barn is PLENTY big enough) so trains don't really matter ... I only participate in the regatta sporadically and then only IF there's a new decoration I want ... most of the mini-games I also skip for the same reason ... the prizes simply aren't compelling once you get up in your levels. Nevertheless, I like the town I've built ... and it's a way to pass some time.

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    I'm level 58 on android and I play daily. I've been playing since late October 2019. Sometimes it's a couple times in a day, and sometimes I'll spend quite a bit of time on, if there's something I want to accomplish. I don't do regattas, didn't open the coop, don't mess with the zoo much (but I do get animals from doing events and earning decks, which is nice). Mainly I like to work on my town design goals since I'm trying to gain access to certain pieces of land all around the board in preparation for upcoming community buildings and houses for those areas. I do participate in the events quite a bit. I don't like them all, but there are enough events that I do like and those keep me active in the game. I'm always working on upgrades, trains, restocking and helping neighbors when I can, after I catch up. I do heli orders, but usually only the 1k+ coin/xp ones. I don't do planes much at all, which, I think, is why I haven't leveled up as fast as some.

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    Playing since 2016, currently at level 147. I have all factories, CB and houses and all ZOO animals.
    I play 3 or 4 times a day, send plains and trains in regular basis and send helicopter to reduce bar contents.
    I`m in great co-op so I participate in regattas, play all events . Mini games I play only as regular work with exceptions of happy days and current mine event.
    I enjoy the game. There is always something to do. Checking for upgrades of factories as ships (trains are finished), helping friends and co-op members.
    I love planning and decorating the town, this is one of the best thing. There is not enough space in town and I must keep so many decoration in warehouse. So I`m rotating decorations.

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    I have played since December 2015 and am level 216.

    On a normal day, I log into game one time. If there
    are events going on of course I will be in more.

    Sunday afternoons/evening I do the Regatta
    and will be busy then.

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