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Thread: Why do we play as we do?

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    Why do we play as we do?

    One of the best things about this game is that there's no right or wrong way to play, so please don't take my questions as anything other than curiosity. There are things that players do that leave me baffled, but likely there are good reasons, as I figured out in the case of roads, roads everywhere, which always puzzled me, until I found myself doing the same for the roads achievement. Now I took it all off as soon as I hit the magic number, so if you blinked you missed it, but it was definitely an "ahh, I see," moment for me.

    Why ask for 11 wheats? Is it in consideration of players trying to get their helping achievement, an etiquette thing, so to speak? An easy request for newer players? Is it "I get one free car, so I'll take it"? Or maybe some other reason?

    Really, why ask for wheat at all? If you have barn space for 97 wheats twice, why not take another 5 or 10mins and finish? Same as above? I totally get not having barn space, and do my best to help those with the produce column being all requests (and really, help any request I can, I'm not judging, just curious).

    How do y'all feel about helping "abandoned" planes? You know, 47mins left, and there's nothing in the plane but the request flags, or maybe one item? Do you help, happy for the coins/xp? Do you decide depending on the items requested? Or do you not help at all?

    And finally, and least important, one thing that positively makes me twitch (my own problem, not the other player's ): when an area is cleared, often there will be yellow spots left in the green. My very first instinct is to always grab the green and make everything uniform (just a tad compulsive), but I often see towns with the yellow spots left where they were, with buildings and decorations right over top of the mottled ground. Why leave it? (I'm not suggesting it's wrong to leave it, I just want to understand.)

    Do you have questions about things you've wondered about? I hope this thread can be a good place to talk about why we do the different things that we do, so we can all have a better understanding of each other's perspectives, and enjoy each other's towns that much more.

    A la Linda Richman, of SNL's Coffee Talk: Discuss.

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    Hi SuzyD

    I'm one of those that request for help for 10 wheat or 1 cookie. This is to help lower level players earn clovers. As for helping others requesting help for those cargo plane asking for 65 wheat, I totally understand their request : they may not have 65 spaces in their barn and/or may not have that many fields to grow wheat. If they are at work (or sleeping), they don't have the time to sow and grow 18 times 10 fields.

    If I see a plane with only one box filled, I will fill the requested box on the same row so the other player will get the bonus coins for that row. The player may be waiting for that help to come before completing the 3rd cargo, mainly if it is a hard to get product. Their strategy may be like this : I fill the easiest cargo, wait for the cargo I don't have and only then, I will fill the third cargo of that row. I won't fill a request on a new line.

    As for the yellow spot, I believe some players are not aware they can turn those green by going into the Edit mode.

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    Hi Graylady, thanks for your reply. I suspected there was a good reason for the "silly" requests, thanks for confirming that it is, actually, a way to help lower level players. With that understanding, if you see a request for a cookie, do you fill it, or do you leave it for someone newer to get to? (Maybe I've been unknowingly trampling over newer players by filling any request I can?)

    As I said in my original post, I totally understand not having barn space, but if you can do it once, you have the space -- but I never thought about having *very* few fields available, that's an excellent point. I have my fields "permanently" planted, with 20 (wheat, corn, carrots, cane) I routinely cut down for special planting, to which I can add 4 cottons, 8 berries, and 8 potatoes, in that order, as needed, though I try to avoid taking up all the potatoes if I can. With that arrangement I cut down on the need to repeatedly harvest. But if someone has most of their fields invested in the trees, or if they just planted a bunch of whatever that can't be removed yet (I have often wished we could zap no-longer-useful crops, and especially factory goods lined up for hours when an order for a loaf of bread comes in), then they might need to make do with just a handful of fields. See, I knew I'd learn stuff from this thread.

    That's an interesting strategy on filling the plane cargo -- I haven't not completed a plane yet, but I'll definitely keep this in mind if I ever get one of those totally impossible orders I've seen others struggle with. I would have just put in everything I had, but holding out on the good stuff is really very wise. Thanks!

    Wow, I never thought of people not realizing they can remove the spots -- not that they need to, or should, as I said, it's just my compulsion, not anyone else's problem. I also have to have all my paper money facing the same way, right-side-up, in order of value -- so, as they say: "really, it's not you, it's me."

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    Ha ha ha, I had a lot of fun reading your comments. It is very recognizable.
    Yes, I do think we / you / I / have to be a little bit odd to play this game well. My guess is we all put our paper money in a row..... I do.
    If your city is organised..... I think the owner is organised.
    If your city makes sense.... I think the owner makes sense.
    If your city is a mess...... I wonder how the players home looks like.

    Happy Towning!

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    Another compulsion (?) - all the furrows in my crop fields must go in the same direction. Comes from my former-life ag background, plus no tractor driver plowing fields would go in this direction and then that direction and then another direction, unless there were extenuating circumstances. ha ha

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    Exactely Nana.
    At first (when I started playing) I did'nt understand why my fields looked so messy. I did put my crops in a line did'nt I ????
    Then I saw my fields where out of line. I put them IN line and had a great night sleep.
    Should I see a shrink?
    Maybe Dr. Phil........ (No not him..... )

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    Oh, mine have to be basket-weaved.

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    Hey SuzyD... Basket weaved huh??? But I bet you don't alternate the hangers in your closet... Or do you??? LOL!!!

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    She color codes her clothes in a rainbow, duh! JK!

    Does the plane get credited to you and those who helped fill a crate if you fall asleep and don't hit the send button, but some or all the crates are full? Sometimes I wish there was some kind of message that would let you know if you failed. But that would just stir the pot denial pot in the complaint department, wouldn't it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cec View Post
    She color codes her clothes in a rainbow, duh! JK!
    You think you're kidding, but sadly you're really not.

    Does the plane get credited to you and those who helped fill a crate if you fall asleep and don't hit the send button, but some or all the crates are full? Sometimes I wish there was some kind of message that would let you know if you failed. But that would just stir the pot denial pot in the complaint department, wouldn't it.
    I had the same question yesterday: if you fill the last crate, does the person whose town the plane is in get all the bonus stuff if the plane takes off by itself when time runs out.

    Someone kindly answered, but it was mostly an educated guess -- I'm hoping someone who has experienced this will still chime in, though I guess one can say "yes, I received stuff even though I didn't send the plane," but one can't really say "no, I know the plane was full and I never got anything" -- unless it was an experiment and they intentionally didn't hit "send."

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