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Thread: Issues in my co-op

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    Issues in my co-op

    I've been playing this game for 5 years and only 2 co-ops. I've only read the forums but 1st time posting. The issue is, I've been in this great co-op for 2 years and yesterday I could not get a task because someone was clearing the task board (dumps) . I noticed in a day and a half, one person dump 107 tasks. So I noted it in the message board why some of us can't get a task. This person who's only been in the coop 2 weeks started to name call and attack me. Has continued to do so all day although I wasn't playing. The leader should have taken away his elder status (leader gives everyone elder status) but didnt. Leader has not played all day. I almost quit the coop because I've been under attack. Not sure what to do. I really loved this coop, but a couple new people are bullies and being very rude. Not sure how I should handle this.

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    That is no fun. I've went through similar things in game. I finally decide to make my own co-op with my wife as the co-leader. We make sure that we are on the same page and that we communicate to the members daily.
    We have had one person join since we started and the first thing they wanted to know was when the would get promoted to co-leader. Right after they were informed that there was a one week trial period before they got promoted to elder they left the co-op.

    As far as the bullying and rudeness. I would say talk to you co-op leader. I not check the Help and Support in game there should be a place to report offensive behavior.

    Hopefully you can get this figured out and you can stay in your co-op.

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    What a terrible experience.

    Most immediately, I would:
    1) Change my game settings so that it can't be known if I am playing or not. Maybe this player will run out of steam if they think they will get no response.
    2) Don't respond to any statements on the co-op message board. The board only saves like 99 messages. I'd want to make sure the other player's messages can be seen by the leader when they come back.
    3) I'd write down the details of the player (town name, some stats) & report the player. I would also take screen shots of your game with the message board open showing the abusive comments to include in the report. Abusive language is specifically prohibited in the Terms of Service. But I've never reported anyone, so I'm not sure exactly how to do it, probably the "contact us" under the game settings icon.

    Less immediately:
    4) Wait for the leader to return to see what action they take on this player. Plan your next moves after that.
    5) Either stop playing today, or concentrate on other in-game goals (opening land, redecorating, filling customer orders, etc.)
    6) Ignore the regatta & the message board. No need to subject yourself to abuse.
    7) Make sure you're in-game friends with all the people you like in the co-op, in case the leader does nothing. Then form your own co-op!

    I'd probably leave the co-op if the leader didn't react to this issue at all, or if it looked like the leader would be gone for a while.

    Also, head over to the "Co-Ops & Regatta Discussion" sub-forum to check out other people's stories about problems in their co-ops. Maybe someone else has given good advice on a similar issue.

    I'm so sorry this has happened to you!

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    I was really heartbroken reading this post. No one should have to tolerate bullieing. The Leader or a co-leader should address the issue promptly. If the issue is not resolved peacefully or to your satisfaction you may unfortunately have to leave the co-op you've come to really enjoy.

    But know there are MANY MANY great co-ops with openings available who would be happy to have you join there team. This forum would be a good place to start your search and Facebook is another great place to look.

    I started my own co-op recently and also have an ad out now for new recruits if you want to take a look. You can find it in the Co-op ad forum post. Co-op: Heartbeat #6PND76
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    Hey, YaYa.

    I won't stand for BS like that in my Co-op. I won't restrict someone, demote them, or give them a slap on the wrist. I'd put my scheit-kickers on and boot their butt. Simple as that.

    We have clearly stated rules in our Co-op. NO RESERVE and NO DUMPS.

    So, this is especially a good reason to boot someone, but I will also not allow name-calling, disrespect, or drama in my Co-op.

    Sorry to say, but either your leader needs to step up and put his/her "Big Leader" pants on and punt this person, or you may have to consider leaving. I realize the second suggestion isn't a favored one, but you do not need this kind of stress, especially in a game.

    Reading further, this is going on with more than one person, you really really need to think of you.

    I would recommend talking in private with your leader, make it known how you you feel about this. Maybe he/she isn't cluing into the fact that it is an issue.

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    I would talk to a co-leader if there is any and it seems like your leader is gone for awhile. So I am a co-leader in my co-op. If I saw a member doing that sort of behavior, I would kick them out immediately since that behavior shouldn't be tolerated at all. Once the leader comes back, he should be behind me since a leader should trust in their co-leaders' decisions and actions, especially when he is gone for awhile.
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    It seems there is a lack of communication in your coop. Dumping is ok if it is for tasks below certain points (we dump everything below 130 in my coop) and/or certain long tasks (again - communicated in your coop). If you have too many players racing, it may take a while to get a task. I feel like there is not everything said in your post. Of course, name-calling and rude behaviour should not be tolerated. I would warn this person and take action if they don't apologize and stop. If I were you, I'd write a post in the chat room about this and would ask to clarify the rules for regatta going forward. The leader should then write a message thru the in-game messaging so everyone knows what to expect and follow the rules. We also have a chat outside the game where we communicate. Communication is the key.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lady Kendra View Post
    Hey, YaYa.

    We have clearly stated rules in our Co-op. NO RESERVE and NO DUMPS.
    So you do any tasks regardless of the points?

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