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Thread: regatta reservations

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    regatta reservations

    I have noticed that players taking reserved take during regatta has changed the game from fun to many arguments and people quitting co-ops and even quitting the game, and I can understand because no one wants stress or negativitity with their game time, it should just be fun.
    I have a suggestion to make it so the reservations can not be over-taken by anyone. Once it is reserved the time has to run out or they can contact the person and ask them to release it. That way they will have permission and continue communicating well. It will also benefit you by if they want another task they may be motivated to pay to hurry other ones up.

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    Hi Lacey do, Welcome to the forum. Plenty of good tips and tricks here when you have time to look round.
    There is a thread about this already going, you may want to look at.

    May I suggest you do a search before posting to avoid duplicate threads.
    You may also want to have a look at the stickies at the top of this sub forum.
    Enjoy your game

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