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Thread: Playrix needs to get rid of land expansions

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    Playrix needs to get rid of land expansions

    I am thinking about uninstalling this game because of this and I am not the only one. They need to either A) Make land expansions larger or B)Get rid of them completely. This is the only negative in the game but it is a LARGE one for me.

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    Hi Pavlyxx, Welcome to the forum.

    I’m sorry but I totally disagree with getting rid of the land expansions.
    They are a huge part of the game and are vital in order to have the space to build and decorate the towns.
    A couple of updates ago we had house and CBs added, without expansions we would have had nowhere to put them.
    As you progress through the game I can bet you will be happy to have them.

    Maybe increasing the size would be a good start, more land is always good.
    I don’t think anyone would say no to that.
    What I do think is Playrix could give enough land to cover any new items they add.
    Also many players have hundreds of decos in storage, so somewhere to put them would be brilliant.

    I hope you don’t decide to uninstall the game, that would be a shame.
    The game is supposed to be enjoyable, long lasting and a huge test of patience lol... but
    If it is none of these fir you then I understand your decision.

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    I don't understand the idea behind this wish - if no land is available, indeed, where to put houses and decos?

    or is the idea in "getting rid of expansions" actually meant as the contrary: that players get the whole areas from the start, incl. zoo and islands?
    (if so, that would be a different game)

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    We need MORE land expansions!

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    There are hundreds of decorations in my carton which I would love to place somewhere!

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    I wonder if this objection refers to the size of the expansion parcels. Maybe the request is for the expansion parcels to be drawn in much bigger blocks rather than those frustrating small squares.

    Or maybe the complaint is from someone who has already opened all the existing parcels and feels storing expansion tools is too much nuisance for an occasional tiny increment of space around the edge somewhere that comes in some updates.
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    Or maybe it’s that people don’t understand that it’s a resource management game, and land is another resource to manage. Feeling entitled to land is so strange to me.

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