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Thread: Regatta Coop requests

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    Regatta Coop requests

    Flag a coop help request with an icon to notify other members that one of the requests is related to a coop regatta task.

    This will help prioritise helping regatta requests without needing to check a users regatta assignment prior to helping.

    I understand various requests can happen across plane, zoo and train but at least one icon to note that there’s a regatta need amongst those.

    It’s more a prioritisation idea without relying on the helper to check or the requester to convolute chat identifying which request is a regatta priority.

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    Sorry if I am misunderstanding your post..I don’t see a need fir this...

    Any coop request fir items will be filled by other coop members anyway if they have the goods to do so.
    And usually they won’t be included for a task as they haven’t been produced in the factories.

    With Zoo, Plane and Train tasks, these are to fill a certain amount of crates or feed animals.
    Many players want to fill their own Train crates in order to get the task done, and others filling them do not count.
    Planes will be filled where possible by players who are able to help whether or not it is for a task.
    This applies to the zoo as well.
    Personally I wouldn’t want to go through my help requests looking fir those that are task related, but simply fill all I can.

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    I agree with Cuddz...this is counterproductive. I am not going to sift through help requests just to see if it is for a regatta task (flagged or not). People need help...just help (or don't).

    Best way to help: communicate with each other.

    One way or another that request is going to be filled by either: one of their friends, another co-op member or by showing up in the request help section. (which is a game play feature of the game...helping other players)
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    Looking at it from the other direction, would it be useful to know for requests from outside the coop if the player is working that task?

    I think for long time friends, I might be inclined to help more when I knew it was a task, like using a coupon or buying from Raja if necessary.

    I suppose for the highly competitive players, it would be a warning not to help.

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