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Thread: Being harassed and cannot contact support using instructions

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    Angry Being harassed and cannot contact support using instructions

    I have tried following the instructions for reporting inappropriate behaviour but the is no "Was this helpful button".
    So I filled out a tech support form and they wrote me a response to follow different instructs that lead no where.

    I need to report a player telling me they love me and want my Instagram details, we chat details and phone number.

    They keep friend requesting me.

    Their name is [-]. Help me!! Don't send me in circles that lead no where. Just give me a link that I can click!!!
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    Hi. Really sorry to hear that you're having this problem, but we're all players on here just like you, so there's nothing we can physically do to help you. Playrix staff very rarely (if ever) come here.

    How is this person contacting you? Are you friends on Facebook? If so you need to block them on Facebook and report them for harassment there. If you do that they won't be able to send you anymore inappropriate messages.

    Unfortunately Playrix customer support is notoriously bad. You should contact them through your game (it sounds like you've already done this) and you'll receive a reply from a bot. Keep on following the instructions and hopefully you'll get through to a human eventually. For some unexplained reason they've started closing conversations before problems are resolved. If they do this all I can advise is that you keep trying.

    In the meantime, don't delete this person's friend request - just ignore it. If you're not friends on Facebook they can't contact you. After a week or so delete it. Hopefully by then they'll have given up and will leave you alone. (This doesn't mean to say you should stop trying to find a resolution through Playrix support - absolutely they should deal with things like this - but they are so bad that I'm just trying to give you an interim solution so that you don't feel so uncomfortable playing the game)

    Hope you manage to get things sorted.
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