Hi. I think it would be beneficial for co-ops that use a verbal request system rather than Task Reservation if we (at least the Leaders and Co-Leaders) had access to a list of all tasks our Co-op members have completed within the Regatta.

I can only speak for my Co-op, of course, which has cooperatively agreed to use a verbal request system whenever one of ours wants a specific type of task, but we've had communication issues within when one of our members requests, say, the Luck Chest task and it's been taken by someone who perhaps either doesn't pay attention to the chat or doesn't understand English.

Our member also makes this request known within our Discord. I have set up a channel within our server for any member to post a request for a specific task, with the notion of clear communication of such requests.

In lieu of this, I feel it would be managerially beneficial to see a list of all Regatta Tasks our members have completed throughout the Regattas.